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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood, Future
Album:  Suffering From Success
Song:   Suffering From Success
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Future] + (DJ Khaled)
The price of fame (shit real)
Fuck fame (man FUCK this shit~!)
Fuck the game {Young Chop on the beat~!}

[Chorus: Future] + {DJ Khaled}
Got too many racks on me... I can't even go to sleep...
Just to get em out V.I.P... I'mma need to see I.D. {I don't trust you...}
I'm sufferin' (I'm suf-suf-sufferin')
(I'm suf-suf-sufferin', I'm suf-suf-sufferin')
I'm sufferin'... from success (I'm suf-suf-sufferin')
(I'm suf-suf-sufferin', I'm suf-suf-sufferin')
I'm sufferin'... from success...

[Ace Hood] + {DJ Khaled}
ACE HOOOOOOD~! {I work so hard}
{This my intro} Chea! Look..

Fuck this money nigga, fuck this chain, fuck my watch, you can have that ring
Keep my whips, you can have that fame; so stressed out, I'm goin' insane
Young nigga can't even sleep at night (nah) all this money I done seen in life (whoo)
More cash bring more haters, fuck around and went and bought a chopper twice
Cause I'm paranoid, and I bury boy; if he playin' with mine, then it's oh lord (OH LORD!)
Please don't make a nigga do that (nah) please don't make a nigga do that (NAH)
You dont' know what the fuck I been through, plus my lawyer textin' me too
Boy my baby momma be trippin', talkin' 'bout child support, I can't do it
I don't trust nobody but God, all these foreign's parked in my yard
Swear last night I swimmed in that money, then woke up in a million dollar car
Boy I'm too stressed (yeah) so blessed (yeah) - olease somebody pray for me (WHOO)
I'm sufferin' from success - Lord, have mercy!


[Interlude: Future]
My momma told me when I was a little bity boy, I was blessed
... Frustrated

Nigga fuck that car, fuck these hoes
Fuck these millions, fuck your feelings
I'm sufferin'... I'm sufferin'...
Fuck this house, fuck this condo
Fuck these models, fuck these bottles
I'm sufferin'... I'm sufferin'...

[Chorus] + [Interlude]