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Artist: (Future f/) Big Rube
Album:  Pluto
Song:   The Future Is Now
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Rube]
No longer can I remain earthbound
The future is now
Time and space are one in the same
Enough time and space and we runnin the game
Almost is unacceptable
The cosmos is a receptacle
for the spectacle of my ascension
Inhabiting multiple dimensions of perspective
All my actions selective
At all costs I must obtain the objective
Regain the inception intended at the conception
A living lethal weapon
I'm the natural selection
Moving in my own eccentric orbit
A rebel amongst conformists
So far gone, you might catch me on Pluto
Four billion miles away
Do a whole week in one day
Live for keepin it real; y'all already know what it is
I rarely ever speak without somethin to say
but if you cain't remember the who, what when or the how
Remember one thing I said - the future is now