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Artist: Future f/ Trae Tha Truth
Album:  Pluto
Song:   Long Live the Pimp
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

What it do? (Honorable C-Note)

Drinkin on Texas, parkin lot flexin
Bumpin U.G.K., motherfucker
"Ridin Dirty" with the K, motherfucker
+Underground+ and a +King+, motherfucker
I'm drinkin on Texas, parkin lot flexin
Bumpin U.G.K, motherfucker
Eatin on shrimps, motherfucker
Long live the Pimp, motherfucker (nig..)

(Ay~!) Future
Sippin on Port Arthur, hangin with the robbers
Bad yellow bitch and her pussy taste like water
Candy red Cadillac, deuce and a quarter
Bumpin uncle Pimp, and my uncle Bun
Niggas can't touch me like I'm J. Prince son
Water drippin on me, shinin like a star
Grippin on the wheel, Johnny Dang got me chilled
Texas in my Sprite, and I'm poppin seals
Drinkin on mud, fuckin with the thugs
Long live Ted, the dirty south love you
I'm comin down tippy, smokin, reminiscin
Underground King, you a legend in my memory


[Trae Tha Truth]
Tippin on glass slippers, pain on and deep as fuck
UFC in my trunk, bet this'll beat you up
Everything movin slow, still ain't no keepin up
Gator replace the seats, get yo' ass eatin up
Chopper behind the seat, Truth still undisputed
First hater try to trip, I won't talk with it bitch I shoot y
Ain't hangin on the diamonds, flexin
Swangin on them like I'm plexin
Stuntin on them like I'm Birdman
Make 7 on it, whip the wrist
Nothin on it, don't catch attention
Catch your bitches, cold in this shit
Born to kill in all competitions
Sideline 'em, on suspension
Young Pump, turned to stone
Lil' Jed, Sweet James Jones
Bumpin U.G.K., my stomach full of stones