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Artist: Young Jeezy f/ Future
Album:  TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition
Song:   Way Too Gone
Typed by:, Cedmaster3K

[Intro/Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Way too gone, what the fuck am I doin?
Wake up in the morning, who the fuck am I screwin?
My partner on brown and you know I'm on white
I know it's goin down, I can do this all night
Gotta get to the paper, one time for the haters
Money over bitches, two times for the fakers
Cause even in the dark, baby I'ma shine bright
I'm way too gone, the best night of my life

{Mike Will Made It...}

[Young Jeezy]
Look, yeah, I said,"G-G-G-Go DJ"
I see you got that Jizzle on replay
..Just keep that Jizzle on repeat
It's 'bout the time er'rybody screams "Free Meech!" (Yeaaaaaah!)
Let's take these bitch-ass back to '05 ('EY!)
Close your eyes, take a breath nigga look, Atlanta lights
Club vision, PJ in my hand, I'm on the couch
Man this nigga Meech just blew a quarter mil, he bought a house (Daaaaamn!)
Man you niggaz gon' lace up ya sneaks, it's time to ball
Presidential at the Swiss Hotel, make it Kamal's (Yeaaaaaaah)
Posted up, all black in the back, a hunnid deep
A hunnid coupes posted up in the front, two hunnid seats (Ha-haaaaah!)
Man somebody call the IRS, too many Lambos
I'm talkin bottles and blunts, all you can handle
Them other niggaz fakin and flaugin is where it's at
Man, them real niggaz do real things, let's drink to that


[Young Jeezy]
Yeah, I said I'm gone, I'm goin goin gone
Way this night goin, man I won't make it home (Ha-haaaaaaah!)
I'ma wake up in the room, wake up with a hangover
What I spent last night I could bought a Range Rover (Yeaaaaaaah!)
Got my Ray-Bans on, yeah I see you haters
Keep doin whatcha doin, cause I need you haters
She said, "What's yo' cologne?" Said, "You could call it strong"
If I had to name my money baby, I would call it long (Ha-haaaaa!)
Said I'm way too gone, I don't see nobody
I ain't even on the bill, I'm ackin like it's my party
Feel like I'm on fire, oh I'm just that high
If I smoke another blunt, yeah I swear I'm gon' die (Ha-haaaaaah!)
You can call the weed man, tell him bring another sip
I know he just left, he gotta make another trip
So hot in here, feel like I'm gon' faint
Even though I'm past my limit, still think I'm gon' drink


Astronaut nigga~!
I woke up early this morning, three white gurls from the Pink Pony (turn it up)
I'm blowin money fast, so caught up in the moment
One time for tomorrow, two times for my homies (salute)
I'm a rock star in real life, I'm an astronaut outta sight
Put codeine in my Sprite (lean), my wrist is full of ice (I'm shinin)
I dont even know her name, she so caught in the hype (She caught in the fame)
It's okay baby, cause I'm a millionaire for life (dat right)
I got bitches on my payroll, they comin back like white
I'm with Ethiopian, we in Vegas shootin dice
Got a girl at home, I know I'm wrong, it feels so right (I'm sorry)
On the first roll, young hope I roll a seven
We in the club, for thugs, this must be heaven ('ey!)