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Artist: Future
Album:  Pluto
Song:   Straight Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Got the gucci boots on like it's snowin, straight up
Big booty freak and she foreign, straight up
All my whole team we very important, straight up
I put red on the bottom of your shoes, straight up
I got racks on me, straight up, with a gat on me, straight up
I'ma spaz on ya, straight up, throw some cash on ya, straight up
Marley with the lean feel you come from another planet, straight up
Every car I drive you know it gotta be panorama

I'm fly like plane - and I ain't gone' never land
Untie my strings - cause I run to them bands
I'm on the Marley - don't fuck around with no zan
Got them baby bottles - full of activist ain't playin
I'm a high top - I'm in popular demand
With a penthouse, but guess where I been stayin
in a condominium, with this fat ass Dominican
Gotta cost over 80 racks just for me to go and sit in
I'm an astronaut, yes, yes, yes I am
I'ma take this guap' (and what?) And cash out on a Lamb'
Post in red bottoms - Jimmy Choos be all you wearin
Fuck the dress code (fuck the dress code!) Nigga it ain't no comparin


I'ma go to Mars (and what?) And take the baddest broad
This ain't no facade - she a natural born star
Emilio, Valentino Bucci
Slow my flow, we go to sleep in Gucci
This ain't trickin off; this how you kick it with a boss
We blastin off, like a rocket what you thought?
On another level, we put diamonds in our cross
Keep that heavy metal, like a rock star so don't you cross
From another planet, yes, yes, yes I am
I got ya baby mammy, she in love with who I am
Riding panoramic - with the turbo booster
She got red on her (like what?) Like she down with soo-woo