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Artist: Future f/ Skool Boy
Album:  True Story (Mixtape)
Song:   Freeband Gang
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ugh oh
ugh oh
ugh oh
ugh oh yeah
Skooly skate
Ugh yeahh yeah

You suckers wouldn't understand its a man thang
(its the million dollar shit) yall just saying thangs
(yall just talking out ya mouth) Imma show who really ran thangs
I just joined a freeband gang.
Ugh oh [4x] yeahh I just joined a freeband gang [2x]

[Verse 1]
Designers on my face cuz I will never see a hater 50,000$ worth of jewelry
future taylored
Gucci aviator I stay high then elevators kings
jacksons jones you know the mexico I'm major
Commando guns only freebands can save ya
Transformal cars pulling up in some in place
We got that freeband money and we got that long paper
(freeband) tossing up yo babymama with no conversation
She like the way I flex with my astronaunt persona
I rather take my shoes off if it ain't dolce and gabana
Two cups filled up we drinking strong marijuana
whats the use of having muscles you cant flex all summer


[Verse 2]
Ugh I'm on my slug boo and shit
its cold out here I got on ugg boots and shit.
And future they hating they just love doing them
but I'll rock that crew thug boo and them.
And I be nutting up know homo
ya girl just gave me her throat no vocals
And skooly well protected by them thugs
(RUBBER) like franklin I am tired of the hugs I wanna fuck her
Its skateboard skooly and rk kaelub
its rich kids for life we on a rk way up
They say they seen skooly pulling up in that lam thang
now meet the new member of freeband gang