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Artist: Future
Album:  Pluto
Song:   Fishscale
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Freebandz) Ay!
What, the streets callin still huh?
I'ma pick up, hold up, hold up

I'm selling that good 'caine
Got dope under my fingernail
I keep me some good white (coke)
It's goin on retail (clearance)
Puttin bitches on detail
Hust so I can eat well
We cookin up that fishscale
It's goin on retail (yeah yeah)

All this dope on me (what?) I'm 'bout to explode
I got a bomb on me, hidin in, go straight to the bone
I had to cook it up myself, and bring it all back
It hit the block every day, nigga run up them stacks
He jumped it all he jumped it all like me (like future) nuh-uhhh
Our house is a 100 degrees (straight up) where I'm from
I put that kush in my lungs (what?) I count up chips
Water water water, bag up them zips
Work your wrist, cook that fish, 36
In a brick, get a flock and make a fist
Get a pot, find a bitch, open shop
This your spot? At her house, trap it out


Bitch I want the llello, like Boston and Diego (boss)
Stacking cake like Legos, all that work is paid fo'
We cashin out and lay low, pockets in the kitchen
We'll touch down the Ocho, we don't never close
24, uncold, ice like Super Bowl
Talk to Migo, tell him bring that twerkalator
Make sure the fish A-1, fake sure this fish
You gotta have that clean when you remix
I could put a brick together like a puzzle
I'm in the middle of the street with J's in a huddle
My clientele love me, I don't have to touch 'em
This money comin in, nigga I can't trust ya


I burnt up two cell phones just this week
I'm startin to work off the Boost since my mixtape got leaked
It was soft now its hard like concrete under ya feet
I turned my grandma house to a drug sto', we servin all week
What yo' order is? I pay the water bills (round here)
Qater crystal clear, dope is out of here
I got that Earl {?} coke jumpin out the gym
Straight drop game - where you steer 'em?
Smoke up smoke up smoke up, if you a smoker
I got that crack for you, in my toaster
If you get too close sir, I'ma have to roast ya
Have the cash in your hand when you approach a roller