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Artist: French Montana f/ Chinx Drugz, Future
Album:  Mac & Cheese 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   Yayo
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus - Future]
All my niggaz selling yayo
That bitch won't move till I say so
We getting to them peso's
We stacking taller than some legos
And we living like cowabunga
Keep designer frames over my eyes
I spent a half a mil on my ride
I'm one hell of a fly guy

[Verse 1 - French Montana]
Niggaz kingpins let them tell it
Smoking on that O.G
From a hundred blocks you can smell it
Bank accounts on steroids
Cars like a dealership
Diddy on that global phone talk hundred million dollar shit
100 shells and that cherry top where it came from
The murder block with coke boys
And I heard about them turn them out?
Shawty pop her pussy then she pop a pill
Had a million cash before I signed a deal
My eyes blurry in that clear port
We making movies nigga grab a chair for it
Top down when that car move
My versace robe and my house shoes
One night hundred thousand moving
Fucking with locs and them pirus

[Chorus - Future]

[Verse 2 - Chinx Drugz]
Pull up on em'
Looking like a shark up out of water
Work up out that drive thru
Hello, can I take your order
Hay ships all across the sea, them stones around the border
People honest they could smell the coke-i-enia odor
Slippin on it, trapeze
Ball until I got bad knees
She suck until she catch strep throat
Dick going deep, catch ho
I was off in that chopper
Break em off, yea I gots ta
Fuck niggaz impostors send my goons up in su-casa
5-4 we some hustlers, bunch of pigs don't fly straight
My bezzle be so frozen, that bitch gon' make time wait
Got four bitches rolling, they look like in line skates
So if I'm broke broke I go fire man
I'm creeping through your fire escape

[Chorus - Future]