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Artist: Future
Album:  Astronaut Status
Song:   Never Seen These
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

The coolest DJ in the world
Aye, aye, ye, ye, ye
Astronaut nick
I never seen them

My Gucci got bumps on the tounge alligator wrapped around the sole
You can't find these in the store
You ain't never seen these high top Louis V checkerboard
Walkin like I'm walkin on the moon
I'ma Louis V tycoon
You ain't never seen these

[Verse 1]
Put the Louis on like um bout to go runnin'
runnin to the money why the money steady commin heeyyy
Checkerboard jacket add on the shoes
for racks without the taxes yeahhh I'ma Louis V tycoon
And I took off to the moon and my belt my pants say Louis
I shop so much in Louis you swear the kid was boostin'
The scarf the shades the wallets, chains
I swear I try to buy every thang I hopped on a plane
Flyer than a plane what's my designer name
Bitch I thank I'm Rick James
Fashion is my passion, I'm coordinated
Ain't it ordinary high package I see ya swagger slackin


[Verse 2]
Alligator Gucci Crocodile Dundee
Underground Kingz, Pimp C, Bun B
Ayyyee gone & show ya swagger astronant forveva
Rock star mick jagger yeahhh
I'ma set me a trend again
Put spikes on my Louis V tints them Chuck Taylor's out
Dated um bringin dem back again for sho for sure
I kill' em in couture shit on ya camanore
I'm fly like avature yea I meant avatar
the guru took ya far went to Pluto & Mars
the to start a coda war you tryin to find these
can't find these in america I walk on m&m man I'm too bizarre