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Artist: Ca$h Out f/ Future
Album:  Another Country (S)
Song:   Another Country
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Future]
I'm driving in a space coupe
It was made in another country (Foreign)
If you see me with a bad bitch
I guarantee she from another country (She foreign)
I get money on the top nigga
While I'm flying over other countries (Foreign)
I was standing on the block dealing
And made millions in another country (Foreign)

[Verse 1: Cash Out]
Yeah, what you talking about
Them hoes with you look scary nigga
I'm in Paris, cooking it with Paris nigga, Hilton
When I get a beats they be like
Young nigga you killed it
When I get on freaks they be like
Young nigga you killed it, for real, for real
Future woke up in a Bugatti, I woke up like I'm in Brazil
And swishers smoking on swishers
If I have her then I have her sister
If the bitch bad then you know I missed her
Cause bad bitches on my missile right now
Had a threesome with, I can't pronounce their names
But they was foreign, probably was from Spain
Used to stay on the block with the shooters
Now I wonder what they took if I take a trip in Cuba


[Verse 2: Cash Out]
Yeah, I had a dream about foreign cars
I had a dream about foreign broads
You ain't got no money
Get from around these foreign stars
Cause when you got some money
These hoes turn to porn stars
Look at my shoes, look at my jewels
These girls say ooh, boy you truth
And they don't speak no englo
But they love my lingo
I got so many bricks
I should be in black amigo, gang
See, lean back, they for my bitch
And for you haters, keep hating, I'm getting rich
Oversea, country to country, I'm home sick
Gotta get these money though, I'm trying to get rich