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Artist: Ace Hood f/ Future, Rick Ross
Album:  Trials & Tribulations
Song:   Bugatti
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Future] + (Ace Hood)
We the motherfuckin best nigga {Mike Will Made It...}
(ACE HOOOOD~! Chyeah!)
Super, Future (Chyeah!) {EarDrummers...}

[Chorus: Future]
I come looking for you with Haaaaitians
I stay smoking on good Jaaaamaican
I fuck bitches from different raaaaces
You get money they started haaaating (TURN UP~!)
I woke up in a new Bugatti {*5X*}

[Ace Hood]
Okay, niggas be hatin I'm rich as a bitch, 100K I spent that on my wrist
200 dollars, I spent that on your bitch; do me a model, put that on my list
Oh there he go in that foreign again, killin' the scene bring the coroner in
Murder she wrote, swallow or choke, hit her and go home, I won't call her again
Woke up early this morning, crib as big as a college
Smoke me a pound of the loudest, whippin some shit with no mileage
Diamonds cost me a fortune, them horses all in them Porsches
You pussies can't hardly afford it: 4,200 my mortgage
Ballin on niggas like Kobe, fuck all you haters you bore me
Only the real get a piece of the plate, reppin my city I'm runnin my state
Give me a pistol then run with the K's, niggas want beef then I visit ya place 
BANG~! {*echoes*}


[Ace Hood]
Yeah, and I'm at it again, there go that flow bringin tragedy in
Copped me a chain your salary spent; niggas is sweet bring them cavities in
Countin money, hourly trend, rollin' them skinny like Olsen twins
Niggas is squares, coppin' a Benz, neck full of Gold Olympian shit
Neimans, I'm blowing the check on they gear, fall on some pussy then hop on the Lear
Strapped with them choppers back of the rear - sak pase' them killers is here
Woke up early this morning, mind is tellin me money
Paper, mula, pockets is fat as a tumor
Millionaire nigga no rumor, livin' my life off of tuna
Wanted with me I deliver the beef, real niggas only enjoyin the feast
Pull up a seat, bon appétit; no Louboutins put that red on your sneaks 
BANG~! {*echoes*}


[Rick Ross]
{M-M-M-M-Maybach Music} Huh! Mastermind, nigga...
Photographs of dope boys, is all they takin'
Finger prints on the Rolls Royce, is why they hatin'
Push a button on these broke boys, that's detonation
Walk a road to riches bare feet; I watch mama struggle 
now she livin' carefree; that's why I hustle 
for half a key that's 12 G's; I'm tryin' to bubble 
every summer a new LP - you gotta love me 
I got shooters out the D-League; signin' bonus 
Hit that man that's from thirty feet - left in a puddle
finger prints is on hundred mill, and what it is?
Ricky Rozay and Ace Hood, we hella Trill
Yeah... huh!
(Whatcha know about this?) {M-M-M-M-Maybach Music}
(We The Best, Double M, hunnid M's)
(HA-HAAAA~! Huh...)