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Artist: Future
Album:  Streets Calling (Mixtape)
Song:   Easter Pink
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(Ayee...lemme get a 8th a dat,)
(Yu kno wat im sayin pourin up by the treys)
(Yeaa aye wat ya sippin boii,aye wat ya sippin boii)
(Zone 1, Zone 6, Zone errwhere)

Got a pocket full a money and I'm sippin Easter pink
Diamonds round my neck same color Easter pink
Gotta college girl she wanna sip dat Easter pink
Fuck yu drinkin on mane I'm drinkin Easter pink
I'm sippin Easter pink, I'm sippin Easter pink
Im sippin Easter pink, I'm sippin Easter pink
I'm sippin Easter pink, I'm sippin Easter pink
I'm sippin Easter pink, I'm sippin Easter pink

[Verse 1]
Pocket full a faces got standin by the scene
Purple codeine inside a nigga driiink
Presidential rolley had to take out a lens
If yu wasn't gettin money nigga den we need to leave
Dirty ass cup drive a dirty ass car
Stankin ass kush stuffed in a nigga gar
Came to get the game up Future Brett Farve
Camouflage ready I'm prepared to go to war
Before dis rap shir I was a neighborhood star
Campaign global na I'm gon up to mars
Dis fo the dope boys posted up on boulevard
Zone 1 treys zone 6 to 5th ward


[Verse 2]
I got a pint a activist sippin on shony
Shawty wanna hit it cuz she kno a nigga on it
I woke up wit her sippin early good mornin
Pancake eggs sausage cups yea yu want it
Face it dog if yu can sip like me 2
1 cup ice hell naw! Imma need 2
Drink codeine wit no bubble dats a clean juice
Pour me up a 4 gotta nigga flowin supa cool
I'm sippin Easter bunny, pocket full a money
Aquafina icy like a water faucet runnin
Strong pack bunnin diamonds come from johnny
Find out the Louis store I already done it


[Verse 3]
Gotta swisher sweet filled wit 94 supreme
We gon? Highway call it gasoline
Winnin wit the green way before Charlie sheen
Took a hit a lean ridin wit dem Yao Mings
2 white cups filled all way up
Dark pink drank same color robintussin
Yu pourin Georgia money nigga sprite dirty as fuck
Diamonds wit cut coupe wit the guts
Money pizza hut spikes on my chucks
Jeffery in L.A dey send me Christian Loubuotin
Bell harbor in Miami mail me all my Loubuotin
No matter way yu at nigga we drankin bubble gum!