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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Future, Bryson Tiller
Album:  Major Key
Song:   Ima Be Alright
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: Bryson Tiller] + (DJ Khaled)
Ayy, everybody switchin' up, I guess
(DJ Khaled!)
[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
It's just the way it is, ohh (just the way)
These niggas beat me to it
Yeah these niggas started changin', oh no
(They changin', they changin') Hey, ay
And everything I got, they wanna take it, ohh
My money and my lady, no
They wanna separate it, they tryna tear us down
They tryna tear us down
[Future] + (Bryson Tiller)
(Hey hey hey!)
I'm touchin' triple digits now it's tangible
I'm touchin' M's now my life is pandemonium
I go and re-up on you, new Aventadors
Everything around me too colossal
You niggas old news like a fossil
Every single night, I got a bad bitch
She didn't come alone, she came with another bad one
I done caught a vibe and a wave, double jeopardy
They know I'm the king of these melodies
You know I was in the bando, smellin' like a half a key
You can smell the molly comin' off me when you next to me
Put it in my cup and let me medicate
And it all started off with foreplay (with foreplay)
Cappuccino vodkas in Santa Monica (Santa Monica)
We was best friends until the fall out
Now I got the lawyers goin' all out
[Bryson Tiller] + (DJ Khaled)
Hey hey hey!
Hey, I been reapin' the rewards - hey hey
From my hard work, I'm startin' to see the jealousy - hey
They talkin' shit, that's what they tellin' me - what?
They write it to somebody else instead of me
Okay, hey, I got my dollas, my cash up
They wanna see me on my last one - last one
They tell you things you don't wanna hear
They don't wanna see me with a bad one - no
Or see you in a Benz wagon
With your new bag on
The bag that these hatin' bitches only spend $100 plus tax on
The one we spent five racks on
And I love to get on tracks that I can rap and spit facts on
I'm the one that niggas love to turn they backs on
Yeah, that's cool with me
That's cool with me (another one, another one)
[Bryson Tiller] + (Future)
It's alright, yeah
I'll be alright, yeah
As long as you right here, yeah
I'll be just fine, yeah - I'll be just fine
Just fine, yeah
Just fine, yeah (we was best friends until the fall out)
Just fine, yeah (we was best friends until the fall out)
Just fine, yeah (now I got the lawyers goin' all out)
Hey hey hey!
[Interlude: DJ Khaled]
They jealous, they want us to fold
That will never happen
They want us broke, so you know what we gon' do?
We gon become billionaires
From now on when you see me, call me Billy
I'ma be aight, I'ma be just fine
[Outro: DJ Khaled]
Aiyyo Neil, bless up (bless up, bless up, bless up, bless up...)