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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Rhyme or Reason
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: So Much Better
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Legacy
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Asshole
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Berzerk
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Rap God
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Brainless
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Stronger Than I Was
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: The Monster
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: So Far...
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Love Game
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Headlights
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Baby
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Desperation
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Groundhog Day
12.01.13 TRRO Eminem: Beautiful Pain
12.01.13 TRRO Wale: Clappers
12.01.13 TRRO Tyga: F#%! For the Road
12.01.13 TRRO Tyga: Molly
12.01.13 TRRO Kanye West: I'm in It
12.27.13 TRRO Kanye West: Blood on the Leaves
12.27.13 TRRO Kanye West: Guilt Trip
12.27.13 TRRO Eminem: Survival
12.27.13 TRRO Future: S#%t
12.27.13 TRRO Tyga: Hit 'Em Up
12.27.13 TRRO Tyga: Show You
12.27.13 TRRO A$AP Rocky: Long Live A$AP
12.27.13 TRRO A$AP Rocky: Fashion Killa
12.27.13 TRRO A$AP Rocky: PMW (All I Really Need)
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Intro (Dreams and Nightmares)
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Young & Gettin' It
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Believe It
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Maybach Curtains
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Lay Up
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Who You're Around
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Rich & Famous
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Burn
12.27.13 TRRO Meek Mill: Freak Show
12.27.13 TRRO Tech N9ne: Worldwide Choppers
12.27.13 TRRO Nelly: I'm Number 1
12.27.13 MTNL B.o.B: HeadBand
12.27.13 MTNL B.o.B: We Still in This B!#%h
12.27.13 TRRO B.o.B: Throwback
12.27.13 TRRO Wale: LoveHate Thing
12.27.13 TRRO Wale: Heaven's Afternoon
12.27.13 TRRO Wale: Gullible
12.27.13 TRRO Wale: Bricks
12.27.13 TRRO Wale: Tired of Dreaming
12.27.13 TRRO Terror Squad: Bring it On
12.27.13 TRRO Fat Joe: Take a Look at My Life