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Artist: Eminem
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Song:   So Far...
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[Intro: Eminem - singing]
I own a mansion, but live in a house
A king-size bed but, I sleep on the couch
I'm Mr. Bright Side, glass is half-full
But my tank's half-empty, gasket just blew

This always happens, thirty minutes from home gotta lay a log cabin
Only option I have's McDonalds' bathroom
In a public stall droppin a football
so every time someone walks, in the +John+ I get +Maddened+
"Shady, what up?" What? C'mon man, I'm crappin
and you're askin for my goddamn autograph on a napkin?
Oh that's odd, I just happened
to run out of tissue, yeah hand me that, on second thought I'd be glad then
"Thanks dawg, name's Todd, a big fan"
I wiped my ass with it, crumbled it up in a wad, threw it back and
Told him "Todd, you're the shit," when's all of this crap end?
Can't pump my gas without causin an accident
Pump my gas, cut my grass, I can't take out the fuckin trash
without someone passin through my sub harassin
I'd count my blessings but I suck at math
I'd rather wallow than bask, sufferin succotash
But the antacid, it gives my stomach gas
when I mix my corn with my fuckin mashed
potatoes, so what hoe, kiss my country bumpkin ass
Missouri Southern roots, what the fuck is upper class?
Call lunch dinner, call dinner supper
Tupperware in the cupboard, plasticware up the ass
Stuck in the past, iPod, what the fuck is that?
B-boy to the core, mule I'm as stubborn as

[Chorus: Eminem]
Maybe that's why it feels so strange
Got it all but I still won't change
Maybe that's why, I can't leave De-TROIT
It's the motivation that keeps me GOING
This is the inspiration I need
I could never turn my back on a city that made me
And {"Life's been good to me so far..."}

They call me classless, I heard that, I second and third that
Don't know what the fuck I'd doin if it weren't rap, probably be a giant turd-sack
But I blew, never turned back
Turned 40 and still sag, teenagers act more fuckin mature jack
Fuck you gonna say to me? I'll leave on my own terms ass-
-hole, I'm goin +Berzerk+, my nerves are bad
but I love the perks my work has
I get to meet famous people, look at her, dag
Her nylons are ran, her skirt's snagged
And I heard she drag-races, {*burp*} (swag) - tuck in my Hanes shirt tag
You're Danica Patrick (yeah) word skag
We'd be the perfect match, cause you're a vacuum, I'm a dirtbag
My apologies, no disrespect to technology
But what the heck's all of these buttons? 
You expect me to sit here and learn that?
Fuck I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda? Be an expert at
computers? I'd rather be an Encyclopedia Britannica, hell with
Playstation, I'm still on my first man on some Zelda
Nintendo bitch, run, jump, punch, stab and I melt the
mozzarella on my spaghetti, put in on bread, make a sandwich with Welch's
and belch, they say this spray butter's bad for my health but
I think this poor white trash from the trailer
Jed Clampett, Fred Sanford and welfare, mentality helps to
keep me grounded, that's why I never take full advantage of wealth, I
managed to dwell, within these parameters
Still crammin the shelves full of Hamburger Helper
I can't even help it, this is the hand I was dealt, a
creature of habit, feel like I'm trapped in an animal shelter
with all these pet peeves, goddamn it to hell I
can't stand all these kids, with their camera cellphones
I can't go anywhere, I get so mad I could yell, the
other day, someone got all elaborate
and stuck a head from a fuckin dead cat in my mailbox
Went to Burger King, they spit on my onion rings
I think my karma's catchin up with me


[Interlude: Eminem - singing]
Got friends on Facebook, all over the world
Not sure what that means, they tell me it's good
So I'm Artist of the Decade, I even got a plaque
I'd hang it up but, the frame is all cracked

I'm tryin to be low-key, hopefully nobody notices me
in produce, hunched over, giant nose bleed
Ogre, style as I, mosey
over to the frozen aisle, by the frozen, yogurt, this guy approached me
Embarrassed, I just did Comerica, with Hova
The show's over, I'm hidin in Kroger, buyin groceries
He just had front row seats, told me, sign this poster then insults me
"WOW, up close didn't know you had crow's feet!"
I'm at a crossroads, lost, still shoppin at Costco
Sloppy joes, bulk waffles
Got caught pickin my nose, ahh~! Look over see these two hot hoes
Finger still up one of my nostrils
Right next to 'em, stuck at the light, the fuckin shit's
takin forever to change, it's stuck, these bitches are lovin it
Rubbin it in, chucklin - couldn't do nothin
Play it off, "What you bumpin?" "'Trunk Muzik', Yelawolf's better!" Fuckin bitch
They want me to flip at the label but I won't succumb to it
The pressure, they want me to follow up with a-
-nother one after "Recovery" was so highly coveted
But what good is a fuckin recovery, if I fumble it?
Cause I'ma drop the ball if I don't get a grip
Hoppin out shrubbery on you sons of bitches - wrong subdivison
to fuck with bitch, quit snappin fuckin pictures of my kids, I love my {"city"}
but you pushed me to my limit, what a {"pity"}
The shit I complain about
It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's rainin out
Kool-Aid stain on the couch, I'll never get it out
But bitch I got an +Elevator+ in my house, ants and a mouse!
I'm livin the DREAM!