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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Rick Ross 
Album:  Dreams and Nightmares
Song:   Believe It
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Rick Ross]
All I talk about is money cause that's all I know
Ya heard me? {Maybach Music}

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
I got a bad bitch in my Chevy (Chevy)
Sellin' Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo)
I got that Justin Bieber please believe it~! (Please believe it~!)
A quarter million hangin' on my collar (collar, collar..)
A half a million in my duffle bag...
Now I'm ridin' in my Cadillac...
Hammers and the fucking vogues...
I'm ridin' clean and I'm fuckin hoes (HUH!)

[Meek Mill]
Duffle bag, Cadillac, fuckin' hoes.. HAH~!
Okay, I woke up this morning (morning) time to get this money (money)
Ya'll niggas was yawnin' (yawnin') and I'd made about 20 (work)
I got young boys on that corner, I call what you got for me
He say I done moved the whole thing, couple rocks all I got on me
I say yeah nigga it's go, he say yeah nigga we on
I said I be on my way, break a brick down in all zones
And I got work, I got work, and I got pills, and I got purp
And I got goons that's on my team, and they gon' kill like I got murked
Ross say so, and I say go and they go ham, and I lay low
I drop that work off in that toaster, I let go of my +Eggo+
And this for sale nigga..
28 grams on my scale nigga.. come and get it all


[Rick Ross]
Hold on, wait a minute: you got the realest 
and the richest niggas in the building - feel me? {M-M-Maybach Music}
Ho nigga wanna knock you off, hate the way a nigga love to ball
Art of war, common law, straight killer thats mama fault
Dope boy in my DNA, straight chips, Frito Lay
8 clips, ay Jose, Hector my amigo straight
Don't want no beef, I may crack your taco
I'm screamin' rest in peace.. Griselda Blanco
HUH! I got that Justin Bieber please believe it 
HA! I hate that pussy can you keep a secret
Benzo on 4's nigga, countin' all my hoes nigga
That's all I knows nigga, that's all y'all hosed nigga


[Meek Mill]
I'm ridin' clean, I'm fuckin' hoes, I'm fuckin' hoes, I'm ridin' clean
Niggas sellin' that China white, fuck around with that Yao Ming
Bad bitch and she talk dirty, talk dirty, her mouth clean
I was sellin' that white shit, y'all niggas had boy scout dreams
Spend Iguodala on my Rollie (Rollie) young nigga ball like Kobe (Kobe)
Riding round me and Chino (Chino) and my young nigga Goldie (Goldie)
Hot whips you ain't seen though (though) limo that's my Rollie (Rollie)
Two-eleven on yo bitch (bitch) turn yo head she stolen (hah~!)
My neck look like a light show, my pockets they need lipo
I stand tall, no Eiffel; and them goons go wherever I go
Y'all niggas pussy like dyke hoes, all we know is get paid nigga
I ball hard like LeBron James and Rozay D-Wade nigga