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Artist: Eminem
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Song:   Groundhog Day *
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* deluxe edition bonus track

"What is a nightmare?
 The dictionary tells us it is a terrifying dream, a nightmare." {*echoes*}

I used to think I had bad luck, but I wasn't superstitious
'til one day I grew suspicious
when I stepped on a crack on Aunt Edna's stoop and got pooped on by a group of stupid pigeons
Then we flew the coop to Michigan to start a new be-ditchin
Missouri from Michigan didn't work
So we moved back to Missouri from Michigan, from Missouri back to Michigan
Someone put me out my misery, I can't do this again
Mom please stick to a decision - discipline, last thing I wanna do is listen
She's like Lex Luthor bitchin, and rules are Krypto-
-nite, so the walls I done lost my power to see through them bitches
But I run into 'em, runnin through the kitchen
Pretendin to be blind Superman, cause I had no super-vision
But I did have a super power though, I could turn into Invisible Kid
Disappear outta sight like a true magician
And one day Uncle Ronnie brought over this new but different
music into the picture and it became my new religion

"I remember it clearly, even today."

Move back to Michigan again, to live with
my Grandma Nan, always itchin for somethin to do, was flippin
through the radio stations one day and discovered this DJ who was mixin
I'll say it to this day, if you ain't listened
to The Wizard, you ain't have a fuckin clue what you was missin
I'd zone out with my headphones, all I remember doin's wishin
for shoes, fuck them stupid Pumas bitch, it's all about them new edition
Troops, you get them LL Cool J coolin systems?
Think I finally maneuvered to 8 Mile and Hoover and somehow I saw my future is in
this, that's how I knew my mission
Little boombox boomin, spittin, practicin numerous writtens
When I sit in my room envisionin my dreams come to fruition
I remember Proof would visit, couldn't wait to play him my new shit he'd go cuckoo ballistic
Go through the roof for his shit
It's like we knew the instant, we touched a mic that both of us two existed
to do this shit, never quit, too persistent!

"We are the underground empire."

Started a group of misfits, Proof had a proposition
If we all band together, there ain't no stoppin this shit
Come up with aliases, bi-polar opposites and
be ready to come off the top with sharp precision
If you got dissed at the Shop cause if they caught you slippin
They'd take your spot if someone got to rippin you, and you forgot your written
Opportunity knocks once, it ain't knockin again
It tried ding-dong ditchin shit, I fuckin got that bitch in
a headlock, cut off his oxygen Slim
It's not budgin like cocksuckin cinder blocks in the wind, now I got a pot to piss in
Spot in that top position, coppin over the opposition
Lookin like a dog that's pissin, leg up on the competition
Promisin complete dominance, Sugar Ray Robinson
I'm in the league Muhammad's in, Ali's my colleague, bombin 'em
Probably end up on top of 'em, stompin 'em like Ndamukong
I'm Russian/rushin like a Ukrainian LaDainian Tomlinson!
Flow vomits in your face, competitors fall at my waist
You spit a rhyme, I spit in a rhyme's FACE!
So name the time, place to battle bitch, I'm still in that mindstate
Don't make me step on you and make you whine/wine, grapes
Cry babies, maybe my way that I use words
is loose but you turds better be careful how you choose yours
Cause feelings scar but egos bruise worse
And the truth hurts, shit no wonder you're sore losers
Now where's your poop, birds? Ooh, no more drippin in bird shit
This song's a self-empowerment surgin
words of encouragement, but discouragin
the rappers, the rap game's God but the name's not James Todd, I'm just a word-Smith
So let these words lift
Cause all I got is bars for you dumbbells since yours ain't workin out, each verse is
more merciless than the first is, and you ain't gotta wear no shoes and shirt
in this bitch to get served, bloodthirst, revenge of the nerds (chka)

"Know too, that you'll not escape my vengeance!"

And I'm the kid with them ears like Dumbo's gone
Word to Uncle Ron, I'm turnin into an non-humble don
You blonde dumb hoes, all I got is dick for you to come blow on
So start the show but I need a drumroll 'fore I go ON
Better back away from the front row, get launched, show you I'm
bigger than Dikembe Mutumbo on the fuckin Jumbotron!
I'm a juggernaut, you do not wanna rumble, you bomboclaats
I'll leave you stretched out like a fuckin YAWN!
So mow the fuckin LAWN, your asses are blades of grass
And I'm fuckin up this whole landscape of rap!
The GOAT just ate eight acres, and eighth of that
was just to make a path and take it straight to your favorite rapper!
Oh look, my notebook looks smoke cooked
Like the flow stood a foot over the flame on the stove soot
Charred debris floatin like oak wood
was burnin, return of the no good
And I won't quit

"And the next thing I knew something came crawling up from below.
 Something that made Godzilla look like a plain cat."

And it don't quit, won't change, it's like a Groundhog's Day
So crowd around y'all, cause you may, sayin bye-bye y'all hey
I'm a monster, mush - I'm a monster, mush
I'm a monster, mush - I'm a, ohh
Turnin into a monster, mush
I'm a monster, mush - with my

[Sam Kinison sample]

"I'm not so sure I want to know from whence it came,
 but the white flesh creature's trail is easily followed.
 There, before that shimmering veil of light, the ivory skin slug thing." {*echoes*}