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Artist: Nelly f/ Birdman, DJ Khaled
Album:  5.0
Song:   I'm Number 1
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[DJ Khaled] + (Birdman) + {Nelly}
We number ONE! (Yeah, so fresh, so fly)
We number one on this rap shit! (Yeah dirty - dirty low key)
We number one on the charts! (C.M.B., yeah)
I'm number one! (Stunna) {Dirty}
Man we the best, man!
Listen, I'm number one! (Stunna) {Dirty}
I'm number one! (Stunna) {Dirty}
I'm number one! (Stunna) {Dirty}
Man we the best, man!

Ay; fourth quarter, I'm goin hard
If my money's stupid my credit card's a retard
The Lamborghini Bugatti all in the same yard
I want the freak and the lady all in the same broad
BALLIN - way before Jim Jones
I gots to be the richest nigga with this skintone
Somebody get the doctor on the phone
My diagnosis, I got gettin money syndrome
Hey! I got that hustler's disease
I got paper chasin tendencies and they yet to find a remedy
So shorty feelin me the way I be dressin
She like my white tee, neck V, Polo pressin
My Tom Ford, Purple Label three-piece vest and
I'm a young woman's blessin, a married woman's confession
To older women you can call me cougar bait
To all you haters I'ma call you too late

[Chorus: DJ Khaled] + (Birdman) + {Nelly}
I'm number one, one, one! (Stunna) {Dirty} (Stunna) {Dirty}
I'm number one, one, one! (Stunna) {Dirty} (Stunna) {Dirty}
I'm number one, one, one! (Stunna) {Dirty} (Stunna) {Dirty}
I'm number one, one, one! (Stunna) {Dirty} (Stunna)

Yeah, yeah, swagged out
Diamond 'round my neck, diamond on my teeth
Diamond on my bitch, diamond on my fleet
Hardly on the bike, love a nigga stripes
Five times O.G., 3rd Ward, loud pipes
Uptown soldier, floss on the ave
Make a hundred G's nigga bouncin on the slab
Make a hundred G's nigga spend it on the ave
Move a hundred B's garbage bag full of cash
Yard to the lot, shittin on they ass
Weed's in the Hummer, 250 on the dash
Yeah - early in the morning with the sunshine
Got a yacht in the yard, ocean fly
Ocean time, ocean view
Pearly white waves, on them 22's
Five new Bentleys, out the paper bag
To the paper tag - shinin on they ass