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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Louie V
Album:  Dreams and Nightmares
Song:   Rich & Famous
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Aye, shorty I'mma tell you like this
I know you used to messin' with them ordinary guys
But, uh..
The way I'm gettin' money
I can introduce you to a lifestyle you gon' love forever
It's Double-M-G...

[Chorus: Louie V]
I wanna buy your loooove
Tell me what it's gon' be (tell me what's it's gon' be)
I wanna buy your loooove
Everything is on me (everything is on me)
Lifestyle of the rich and the famous (famous)
Don't you wanna be rich and be famous? (Famous)
Lifestyle of the rich and the famous (famous)
Don't you wanna be rich and be famous? (I wanna buy your...)

[Meek Mill]
Ridin' through my city with a chick I used to lust
'Bout to make a movie starring me, the two of us
Penthouse at the top floor, elevator shooters up
So I can eat that pussy for breakfast, dinner, and lunch
And uh, she been waiting all night
for this hard pipe; I think she called twice
Before you knew it I pulled in she seen them fog lights
And I can see it in her face she had a hard night
Up and down that pole sellin' dreams, sellin' love
It was sort of like she servin' fiends and sellin' drugs
Giving them a fix, body solid as a brick
With no baking soda on it I went raw every time I hit
Life's a bitch but I go deep up in that pussy, Jerry Rice
And every time I'm in the building I ain't never like
She be on that pole, tryna chase her goals
Goin' up and down like that angel on that Rolls - Lord knows


[Meek Mill]
Yeah; shorty so pretty and that pussy so good
She used to say I was crazy, I was up to no good
'Til I slid all in it, started fuckin' her good
Red bottom, I damn near had a crush in the hood
I slid up in the ass and she heard them pipes they was growlin'
Friends wantin' to fuck me because they like how I'm stylin'
But I'm cool on the snakin' because I like when she smilin'
We gon' lear in the air just to get right on an island
We ball harder in Bal Harbour out in Florida
Isabel Marant sneakers, you got all of them
Tatted up, passports just to cross borders
She callin' me daddy and I ain't got a daughter
Said I'm cooler than them other dudes
Five racks just to get her Cinderella shoes
Hella jewels, money come in different revenues
Big paper, your money smaller then that Kevin dude, haha


[Meek Mill]
Yeah; my chick bad, lookin' like a +Bag of Money+
She grippin' on my H belt, but I tell her grab it for me
She was messin' with me way before I had the money
You niggas playin! games, I'm really getting mad money
Just to commentate, peep how I operate
I put your chick up in this ghost, bet she cooperate
I really ballin', tat 'em all up in and out of state
Been gettin' money for a while, I don't know how to hate
They call me +Racked Up Shorty+, she can smell the Aura
Had her out in Bora +Exploring+ like she was +Dora+
Million dollar sponsor, spoiled her like my daughter
And put her in the game, she ain't fuckin' with lames, ah!