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Artist: Wale f/ Lyfe Jennings, Yo Gotti
Album:  The Gifted
Song:   Bricks
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Wale]
From a brick, to a stone, does a fiend, have a soul?
Ohh, ohh
Does a kid, need a goal, if powder's, made of gold?
Ohh, ohh ohh ohh

[Interlude: Wale]
Gettin' blowed
Thinkin' I'm so glad that I can rap cause I can't move no dope
But I do know, a few niggas that did, and a few niggas that still
And the few niggas that's through, are the few niggas that's dead

So fuck a 9-to-5, they clockin' and tryna to survive
Cop a brick and supply cause nobody offerin' jobs
Bricks build buildings, build houses, build neighborhoods
But a brick done turned a nigga to a baller or a dated shirt
Understated to say it hurts, I was optimistic
'Til I seen my youngin' whippin' made me wish that I was flippin'
Fuck this college when niggas out it's just dollar pitchin'
Cause after 4 or 5 you don't have nothin' but college tickets

[Chorus One: Lyfe Jennings] + (Wale)
But them niggas tryna hold my head and work this out (tryna work this out)
Counting numbers up in my head tryna build this house (tryna build this house, what)
Mama told me if I make my bed then I gotta lay down (tryna build this house)
But I never seem to keep these words all up out my mouth (it's only one way up)

[Chorus Two: Wale]
Bricks, it's all them niggas talkin' 'bout
Bricks, it's all them niggas talkin' 'bout
Bricks, it's all them niggas thinkin' 'bout
Little niggas on the scene, ain't gotta dream it now


Look, little niggas'll shoot you, they got nothin' to say (BLOAW~!)
Cause local celebrities only 'bout a brick away
Niggas used to whip 'em, he gettin' those from whippin' yay
And you got no paper, you been so patient, come get some weight
Sneaker boxes, you can see your progress
And you weekend shoppin', show people your people poppin'
I can see the problem, you nigga don't like no conscience
Can't shoot, can't dribble, can't rap - young nigga don't got no options
From a brick, to a stone, tryna feed, for my homie
When the powder, turn to power, and the power, turn to dough
Turnin' head, with yo whip, is it worth, what you did?
If a brick, is a brick, from a brick, you can build
From a brick, to a stone, make a fiend, for a homie
Trenches, on the full, turn reef, to a home
Turn the powder, into power, and the power, turn to hoes
If a brick, is a brick, to a brick, you can grow

Bricks... (ohh, ohh ohh ohh)
Bricks... (ohh, ohh ohh ohh)
Bricks... (ohh, ohh ohh ohh)
Bricks... (ohh, ohh ohh ohh)
It's only one way out

[Yo Gotti]
Nine years old, feds lookin' for my moms
10 or 11, held my first gun
First time I heard bricks, I was thinkin' construction
Until my 'migo plug from Mexicó gave me my introduction (WHOO~!)
Now 16, gettin' them bricks for the 16
Was unwrappin' bricks but now I'm rappin' bricks for 16
I was 17 ridin' in that Lexus on 20's
18 and 19 payin' nothin' over 20
And a thousand 8 grams divided by 4 is 252
If you know what that mean you noticed it now and if you don't, learn how to divide nigga
I'm talkin' bricks -- no jump shots
I'm talkin' work -- no punch clock
I'm Yo Gotti! +I Am+! Chea~!

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two] - 3X - {*first X repeated over second half of Chorus One*}

[Outro: Wale]
From a brick, to a stone, from the stone, to the shone
If it's shone, in the hood, then you know, that you good
From the powder, to the crack, from the crack, to the slums
Dealers, in the back, to the clappers, in the front... {*echoes*}