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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Mary J. Blige
Album:  Dreams and Nightmares
Song:   Who You're Around
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Meek Mill]
One night I prayed to God
I asked could he please remove the enemies from my life?
And before you know it, I started losin' friends

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
Some-bod-y who, you're around 
wants to clip, your, wings, and, shoot you down
But it's okay to keep enemies close
As long as you know, just make sure you knoooow, who you're around

[Meek Mill]
Yeah, y'all was like my brothers, I considered y'all as folks (folks)
And I remember nights sipping liquor making toasts (toasts)
Talking about the life, trying to get it slinging dope (yeah)
Niggas say I changed, but you niggas changed first (first)
And fuck all this money nigga, we was fam first (fam)
Looking at me balling, know that Instagram hurt (hurt)
Cuz you was supposed to be that nigga in that damn Ghost (yeah)
I would have rolled for you even in the same herse (whoa)
Same cemetary, burry me in the same dirt (dirt)
We had a plan, but I guess it ain't work (work)
"B.H we straight," that was the motto my nigga
I got rich first, you was supposed to follow my nigga
I'm gone!


[Meek Mill]
And that nigga Lil, shit I can't believe you (not you)
That's what that syrup and that weed do (weed do)
And when I came home I tried to feed you (feed you)
And every song I was yellin free you (free that nigga Lil!)
And if you bled I was down to bleed too (bleed too)
Now when I ride by I breeze through (breeze through)
I don't even stop, it ain't a need to (nah)
And you the one that left nigga, I ain't leave you (leave you)
Shit got realer (realer) niggas got richer (richer)
I said the money train comin' (comin') niggas missed it (I missed it)
I even tried to spin back around to come and get you (get you)
But niggas wanted more from me then my own sister (damn)


[Meek Mill]
They want more than my mother (mother), more than Omelly
and that nigga like my brother (brother); greedy mu'fucka
Crazy thing about it, I don't hate 'em, I still love 'em (love)
I might have said things, I never said fuck 'em
But I'mma live my life, get the money, ball hard (ball hard)
Still sending Earl money for his calling cards (calling cards)
Rick ain't complaining, he got life behind bars (preach that)
And he still calling me, bet you he ain't calling y'all (nah)
Cuz none of y'all niggas ain't send him shit yet (nah)
None of y'all niggas send him pics yet (nah)
I'm still writing money orders, sending big checks (big checks)
And remember when it rains, niggas get wet; gone~!


[Meek Mill - over Chorus]
I still love niggas, but it's like we just grew apart
If you don't grind, you don't shine
Half my niggas still around, and we all shinin' hard