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Artist: Eminem f/ Polina
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Song:   Legacy
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[Intro: Polina]
Tell me where to go, tell me what to do
I'll be right there for you
Tell me what to say, no matter if it's true
I'll say it all for you (for you, for you)

I used to be the type of kid that, would always think the sky is fallin
Why am I so differently wired? Am I a Martian?
What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in?
Cause I don't belong in this world, that's why I'm scoffin
at authority, defyin often, flyin off at
the handle at my mom, no dad, so I am non-com-
-pliant at home, at school, I'm just shy and awkward
And I don't need no goddamn psychologist
tryin to diagnose why, I have all these underlyin problems
thinkin he can try and solve 'em, I'm outside chalkin
up drawings on the sidewalk and in the front drive talkin
to myself, either that or inside hidin off in
the corner somewhere quiet, tryin not to
be noticed cause I'm cryin and sobbin
I had a bad day at school so I ain't talkin
Some cocksucker shoved me into a fuckin locker cause he said that I eyeballed him

And if you fall, I'll catch you there
I'll be your savior from
all the wars that are fought, inside your world
Please have faith in my words...

[Chorus: Polina]
This is my legacy legacy, ehhhhhh
This is my legacy legacy, ehhhhhh
There's no guarantee, it's not up to me, we can only see
That this is my legacy legacy, legacy legacy

I used to be the type of kid that, would always think the sky is fallin
Why am I so differently wired, in my noggin?
Cause sporadic as my thoughts come, it's mind-bogglin
Cause I obsess on everything, in my mind small shit
bothers me but not my father, he said "Sayonara"
then split, but I don't give a shit, I'm fine long as
there's batteries in my Walkman
Nothin's the matter with me, shit look on the bright side, least I ain't walkin
I bike ride through the neighborhood of my apartment
complex on a ten-speed, which I've acquired parts that
I find in the garbage, a frame, then put tires on it
Headphones on, look straight ahead if kids try and start shit
But if this is all there is for me, life offers
Why bother even tryin to put up a fight? It's nonsense
But I think a light bulb just lit up in my conscience
What about them rhymes I've been jottin? They're kinda givin me confidence
Instead of tryin to escape through my comics
Why don't I just blast a little somethin like Onyx
to put me in the mood to wanna fight and write songs that
say what I wanna say to that kid that said that I eyeballed him?
Grab hold of my balls like "That's right, fight's on bitch!"
Who woulda knew from the moment I turned the mic on that
I could be iconic, in my conquest?
That's word to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest


I used to be the type of kid that, would always think the sky is fallin
Now I think the fact that I'm differently wired's awesome
Cause if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to work words like this
and connect lines like crosswords
And use my enemy's words as strength, to try and draw from
and get inspired off 'em
Cause all my life I was told and taught I am not shit
by you wack fuckin giant sacks of lyin dog shit!
Now you shut up bitch, I am talkin!
Thought I was full of horse shit and now you fuckin worship the ground on which I am walkin
Me against the world, so what? I'm Brian Dawkins
versus the whole 0-and-16 Lions' offense!
So bring on the Giants, Falcons and Miami Dolphins
It's the body-bag game bitch, I'm supplyin coffins
Cause you +Dicks Butt-kiss+, a bunch of Brian Balding-
-ers, you're gon' die a ball-licker, I've been diabolic-
-al with this dialogue since '99 Rawkus
You don't respect the legacy I leave behind y'all can
suck a dick, the day you beat me pigs'll fly out my ass in a flyin saucer
full of Italian sausage!
The most high exalting and I ain't halting
'til I die of exhaustion, inhale my exhaust fumes!
The best part about me, is I am not you
I'm me, and I'm the Fire Marshall
And this is my