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Artist: Meek Mill f/ Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Wale
Album:  Dreams and Nightmares
Song:   Lay Up
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Trey Songz] + (Rick Ross) + {Meek Mill}
Ohhh (HUH!) Ohhhh
Ohhhhhh {"M-M-M-Maybach Music"}
{WOO! Uhh} {"Kane is in the building, nigga!"}

[Interlude: Meek Mill] + (Trey Songz)
Shorty bad as my son is, pretty face and no stomach
Was the city's most wanted 'til I said gimme yo number
Youngest nigga I'm stuntin', no more Civics from Honda
Money come in abudance, that's the reason she wanna
(Lay uuuuuup, lay uuuuuup)
(Lay uuuuuup, lay uuuuuup)

[Meek Mill]
Uhh, I keep a vest on my chest (my chest) to cover my heart (my heart)
I'd rather fuck in the light (the light) 'fore I make love in the dark (the dark)
Cause she was fuckin' me right (me right) it felt like love from the start (the start)
Was gettin' money on tour, so we was lovin' for fall
But first we go together then break up, tears drip on her makeup
Fuck all night 'til we wake up, and like George Gervin we lay up
Cuz all them lies I made up (made up) it's big checks no pay cut (no pay cut)
Floor seats in Florida (Florida): Heat game vs. Lakers (WOO!)
Shorty on my team now, it was us versus them haters
And everybody they talk bad, when they talk that she take up
She Hermes all flavors (whoa) young boy get paper (paper)
And all I know is go hard, and every time I touch that ball I go swoosh~!

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
She know it's game time when I do it like that (that)
When I pass it to her baby throw it right back (back)
She can get the lay up (up) all night (yeah)
She be tryna lay up (up) all right (yeah)
And when I shoot I don't miss (don't miss) I don't miss (don't miss)
I don't miss when I do it now
She could get the lay up (up) all night (yeah)
She be tryna lay up (up) all right (yeah)

[Rick Ross]
HUH! Sitting back with this paper falling in my lap
Feeling isolated, nothing but them hundred stacks
When your money up tell me who you're supposed to trust
Every night a different woman, fuck your money up
My bank account in shape, I could run with Puff
I came to put you down shawty so what the fuck is up
Since I met her she can't keep that pussy off me
On the pill, I'mma kill that pussy softly (WOO!)
Back to back, time to show you how a gangster move
Keys to the pad, talkin' infinity pools (HUH!)
V12's ain't a thang, time to change your name
Paper stuffed in her purse can't hear her phone ring 

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

Homie, picture me rollin', all them bitches be on me
They be fishin' for compliments, I'm just fishin' off Boca
Made a grip off them vocals, got a gift with the vocals
So much over these hoes, should have been on a poster
WOO! Uh, infatuated to say the least
He lay it weak, I lay you once you lay a week
Wale a freak, he know it doe, no go with hoes
When it come to showin', I am workin' with totem pole
That's head on head, she give me head, I give her glow
I'm in her body, I'm in her head like quote unquote
The coldest flow, the flyest combination was voila
Au revoir to my rivals, double M Genius shotta

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

[Trey Songz]
From the night to the morn', yeah she tryna lay (tryna lay)
Got a freaky, freaky game and she tryna play (tryna play)
Couple more shots baby can you make it stay (make it stay)... stay up?
Lay uuuuuup (lay up) lay uuuuuup
(Might, might just slap the backboard, give you what you ask for - what you ask for)
Lay uuuuuup, lay uuuuuup (lay up, lay up) {M-M-M-Maybach Music}
OOOH~! Lay uuuuuup, lay uuuuuup
Lay uuuuuup, lay uuuuuup...