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At the Speed of Life || 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz || Restless
Man vs Machine || Weapons of Mass Destruction
Full Circle || Napalm || Remix/B-Side/Soundtrack
Likwit Family Misc. || Miscellaneous Other

Xzibit - At the Speed of Life (1996) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Grand Opening (Interlude)
2 At the Speed of Life
3 Just Maintain
4 Eyes May Shine
5 Positively Negative
6 Don't Hate Me (Interlude)
7 Pararazzi
8 Foundation
9 Mrs. Crabtree (Interlude)
10 Bird's Eye View
11 Hit & Run (Part II)
12 Carry the Weight
13 Plastic Surgery
14 Enemies & Friends
15 Last Words (Interlude)

Xzibit - 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz (1998) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro (The Last Night)
2 Chamber Music
3 3 Card Molly
4 What U See is What U Get
5 Handle Your Business
6 Nobody Sound Like Me
7 Pussy Pop
8 Chronic Keeping 101 (Interlude)
9 Shroomz
10 Focus
11 Jason (18 Months Interlude)
12 Deeper
13 Los Angeles Times
14 Inside Job
15 Let it Rain
16 Recycled Assassins
17 Outro
* Don't Let the Money Make You

Xzibit - Restless (2000) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Intro/Restless
2 Front 2 Back
3 Been a Long Time
4 U Know
5 X
6 Alkaholik
7 Kenny Parker Show 2001
8 D.N.A (Drugs-N-Alkahol)
9 Double Time
10 Don't Approach Me
11 Rimz & Tirez
12 F---in' You Right
13 Best of Things
14 Get Your Walk On
15 Sorry I'm Away So Much
16 Loud & Clear

Xzibit - Man vs Machine (2002) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Release Date
2 Symphony in X Major
3 Multiply
4 Break Yourself
5 Heart of Man
6 Harder
7 Paul (Skit)
8 Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
9 Losin' Your Mind
10 BK to LA
11 My Name
12 The Gambler
13 Missin' U
14 Right On
15 Bitch Ass Niggaz (Skit)
16 Enemies
B1 My Life, My World
B2 What a Mess
B3 (Hit U) Where it Hurts

Xzibit - Weapons of Mass Destruction (2004) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 State of the Union
2 L-A-X
3 Cold World
4 Saturday Night Live
5 Muthafucka
6 Beware of Us
7 Judgement Day
8 Criminal Set
9 Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
10 Ride or Die
11 Crazy Ho
12 Big Barking
13 Tough Guy
14 Scent of a Woman
15 Klack
16 Back 2 the Way it Was

Xzibit - Full Circle (2006) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 Invade My Space
2 Rollin'
3 Ram Part Division
4 Say it to My Face
5 The Donnell Rawlings Show (Skit)
6 Scandalous Bitches
7 Concentrate
8 On Bail
9 Family Values
10 Black & Brown
11 The Whole World
12 Poppin' Off
13 Movin' in Your Chucks
14 Thank You
B1 Concentrate (San Quinn Remix)
B2 Rollin' (West Side Remix)
B3 A Minute to Pray

Xzibit - Napalm (2012) BUY NOW!
Track Lyrics
1 State of Hip-Hop vs. Xzibit
2 Everything
3 Dos Equis
4 Something More
5 Gangsta Gangsta
6 Forever a G
7 1983
8 Stand Tall
9 Spread it Out
10 Up Out the Way
11 Napalm
12 Meaning of Life
13 Louis XIII
14 Enjoy the Night
15 Movies
16 I Came to Kill
17 Killer's Remorse
18 1983 Remix
19 Throw It Like It's Free
20 Crazy
21 Phenom

Lyrics Album
Where Da Paper At 3 Strikes soundtrack
Spit Shine 8 Mile soundtrack
Three Emcees Beats and Lyrics: Issue 1
F--- With Us Bones soundtrack
Concrete Concrete 12"
Eyes May Shine (Remix) Eyes May Shine 12"
Game Face Game Face 12"
Get Your Walk On (Fredwreck Remix) Get Your Walk On 12"
What You Can't C Hey Now UK 12"
Jermaine Dupri Diss Jermaine Dupri Diss (White Label) 12"
In My Face Konnectid Project Vol. 1
Arch Angels Lawhouse Experience Vol. 1
25 to Life Life soundtrack
The Mad in the Game Madden 2001
No Hand Out One Million Strong
Paparazzi (Clean Version) Paparazzi 12"
E Lucean Le Stelle The Rapsody Overture
Shroomz Pt. II Stimulated Vol. 1
Bounce, Rock, Golden State Training Day soundtrack
Get F---ed Up With Me The Wash soundtrack
Dying 2 Live The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Fight the Power XXX: State of the Union Soundtrack
Year 2000 Year 2000 12"

Likwit Family Misc. (f/ Xzibit)
Lyrics Artist
DAAAM! Tha Alkaholiks
Hit and Run Tha Alkaholiks
Aww S---! Tha Alkaholiks
Killin' It Tha Alkaholiks
151 Tha Liks
Bar Code Tha Liks
Cali Kings Part 1 Cali Kings
Likwit Connection Defari
Thunder & Lightning Defari
Freestyle Ghetto King Tee

Lyrics Artist
Goin Back 1982
Stand Alice Cooper
The Recipe Apathy
Giraffe P#^!y Apollo Brown & Ras Kass
2 Killaz Big Hutch
People Up On It Bliss N Eso
Don't Ya Dare Laugh B-Real
My Writes De La Soul
Some of 'Em Devin the Dude
Boom Bap (Remix) Diamonique
Rework the Angles Dilated Peoples
Roll On Em DJ Crazy Toones
Connect DJ Hurricane
You Better Believe It DJ Muggs
U Know What's Up (Remix) Donell Jones
We Livin Gangsta Like D.P.G.
Livin Tha Gangsta Life Tha Dogg Pound
Loose Cannons Dr. Dre
Some L.A. Niggaz Dr. Dre
What's the Difference? Dr. Dre
Big Bang Theory Tha Eastsidaz
How You Livin' Tha Eastsidaz
Bitch Please II Eminem
Focus Erick Onasis
Focus (Lakers Victory Remix) Erick Onasis
The Wild Life Fat Joe
Prime Time Funkmaster Flex
Xzibit Freestyle Funkmaster Flex
California Vacation The Game
Dancing On Your Grave (Remix) Get Busy Committee
Cypher Hit-Boy
Money Don't Make U Rich Hi-Tek
Live From L.A. Ice Cube
Big Business Kid Frost
Str8 West Coast (Remix) Knoc-turn'al
What We Do Knoc-turn'al
The Hardest Mutha F---az Kurupt
In Gotti We Trust Kurupt
Loose Cannons Kurupt
Step Up Kurupt
Getcha Groove On Limp Bizkit
U Can't F--- With Me LL Cool J
Let it Be Known Mack 10
Desperate Man M.A.D. Kutz
Roll On Em (Extended Version) MC Ren
The Wake Up Show Mexakinz
The Hard Way Nate Dogg
Keep it G.A.N.G.S.T.A. Nate Dogg
Right Here (Remix) Pharoahe Monch
Handle Your Time Prince Paul
Legacy Raekwon
Make Y'all Bounce Raptile
Arch Angels Ras Kass
The Music of Business Ras Kass
Wild Pitch Ras Kass
Keep it Movin' Saukrates
Concrete Shabaam Sahdeeq
Bitch Please Snoop Dogg
Bacc 2 L.A. Soopafly
Get it Up (Remix) Sticky Fingaz
Last Call Somethin' for the People
The Anthem Sway & King Tech
Sadat X & Xzibit Sway & King Tech
Down for the Count Talib Kweli & Hi Tek
Likwit Rhyming Tony Touch
V.I.P. Tony Touch
Xzibit and Tash Freestyle Tony Touch
The Game Don't Wait (Remix) Warren G
The Streets (Remix) WC
The X (Y'all Know the Name) X-Ecutioners