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Artist: Xzibit f/ Prodigy
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Something More
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Something more
Something more than faith
Something more

Something more than fairy tales, a story of a little star
Looking for a place to shine his light (shine his light)
At first he'd gone astray, but now he's found his way
And so he shines the brightest in the sky (in the sky)

I designed an oasis, wide open spaces
Butt-naked bitches havin sexual relations
Major operation, limited conversations
Sensitive intel, pay attention to detail
Yeah, designed to flatten out your vital signs
AC/DC, alkaline
Whichever type of battery you got in yo' back
gon' be removed when the clips get slapped
You and your bitch get slapped; damn it's good to be back!


Yeah, yo
My hip-hop is outstandin, outlastin
All of these dwarf stars, they fizzle out fast, we
burn like the sun and you suck like a black hole
Suckin my style, man get off of my flagpole
These colors don't run, we attract to
Drama like magnets, you wanna get your head flew
Incredible with bars, I show 'em how to rhyme
I am not the average, no in fact I'm
Super rap killer, extremely great spitter
Mega dope, get a dose of the Queens riddler
Sinister, ill enough to bang with the sickest
So get up, and get down with the sickness
This is, somethin more than just songs
I wish upon stars, pray to God that I come with
better lines than them, to crush they dreams
Ain't attempts in my sport, when I do this thing; it's


Yeah - what you know about death, money and sacrifice?
What you know about people schemin to take your life?
I'm tryin to tell you, what you know about these Cali G's
that missed the penitentiary invested movin onto bigger better things?
What you know about the heart of man?
We paint the art of war that decorates the promised land
You understand it's in my nature not to walk away
Cause I'm a beast, my piece'll open up your chest and face
Call the police, it's not the same and I don't give a fuck
I speak the truth and now my catalog's a livin trust
Now give it up or get it taken at gunpoint
We cutthroat niggaz at what point
You gon' realize we came for

[Chorus] - first 1/2