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Artist: Xzibit f/ RBX
Album:  Napalm
Song:   I Came to Kill
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{*girl screaming and running in fear*}

Yeah, yeah, yeah
This is the long drop method, supposed to be more humane
Measure your height and your weight to break your neck when you hang
Sometimes they use a short drop or they use a crane
Either way the victim dies in agonizing pain
But if the calculation's incorrect, when the rope's set
the rope'll rip the head right off a motherfucker's neck
My appointment at the gallows, X emergin from the shadows
with a vendetta better, who wanna battle?
Man you gon' get whipped and flogged, shackled to an A-frame
Beaten full force until you can't repeat your own name
Until you smell the smell of burnin flesh (YES)
Keep you alive until you pray for death (YES)
Drawn and quartered, disemboweled 'til there's nothin left
Saudi Arabia, amputation for petty theft
"Ling Chi" translated this "the lingerin death"
A rubber tire filled with gas around your arms and chest
Set you on fire, turn your body to a melted mess
Ask the ANC about that South African neck-a-lace
Go 'head, pick your poison, get what's comin to you
Call me the brazen bull, I came to fuckin kill you!

[Interlude: RBX]
And must I come through merciless
Bequeath me with that bullshit you utter
Uncut raw, what!
And we ride through
And always remember, that death will come on swift wings
Anyone who wan' come test it now
And we now bid you whatever
I came to KILL!

Yeah, hands behind your back, shackled and I force you to kneel
Shoot you in the back of the head, send yo' family the bill
for what the bullets cost, I'm on my China shit
Eye for an eye, waterboard you like my government
Impaled and left at the front gates
You should hear the sound a broken arm, rib and leg makes
when bein pulled apart, call it the breakin wheel
My inquisition is Spanish, mi corazón es frío
No compassion, don't expect it when I fuckin see you
Lethal injection is my profession, loadin up my needles
My iron maiden ain't Caucasian or Asian
The information received by the ancient art of persuasion
I'm 'bout to drop like a guillotine
The cut is quick and clean, I promise you won't feel a thing
I'll never kiss the ring
I'd rather storm the castle kill the king then set fire to fuckin everything!