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Artist: Xzibit f/ 40 Glocc, Kurupt
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Phenom *
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* deluxe edition bonus track

[Intro: Kurupt] + (Xzibit)
Sup! Once in a lifelime, hahaha
Kurupt Young Gotti, blaze that, yeah!
It's goin down, yeah (AH-AHH! AH-AHH!)
X to the Z Xzibit (YEAH!!)
Ridin on (ha ha ha ha)
Rough, West West (yeah, yeah, yeah)
West Coast is definitely in this motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrr! (YEAH!)
Ride on my nigga!

Introducin the X-Man phenomenal, X-Files the chronicle
Aerostatical nautical, magnificent beast
Xzibit stick to the logic, you can be bullish and brolic
Yo' ass will still get demolished, polished and keepin 'em, all this
My niggaz eat like piranhas, we party stupid retarded
Most niggaz jaded and guarded cause they not popular product
This ain't no Gucci or Prada, this is a topless Impala
North Hollywood body armor for when they come with that drama
(For when they come with that drama) So I continue the saga
Move out the path of the lava, move in position to conquer
You have created a monster, wake up and call out the culprit
I never weaken or soften, might catch me wheezin and coughin
Because I blaze very often, I need to knock the shit off
but shit I got problems my nigga and they get bigger and bigger
You cannot solve with a trigger, this is a pivotal moment
This is my time of atonement, this is my world and I own it
So come and take if you want it, please God forgive me for sinnin
Winnin and makin a killin, witness revenge of the villain
Sexual healin from women, I bust a nut to they ceiling
I crash a plane in they building, but now I'm married with children
Gather and balance the millions, I'm in another direction
Life lessons taken as blessings, you need to hear my confession
Forever walk with a weapon, I live and die like a soldier
(I live and die like a soldier) C'mon let's take this shit over

[Interlude: 40 Glocc]
AIYYOOOOO! Big bad 4-0
Hahahaha (AIYYOOOOO!)
A.K.A. 40 Glocc, yah!
Live from Los Scandalous nigga (AIYYOOOOO!)
Hahahaha, X to the motherfuckin Z
Yah, SWALLOW BACK! Zoo Life{?}

Manufacture and master my masterpiece, niggaz have the audacity
Tryin to doubt the capacity of Your Highness, Your Majesty
What the fuck is you askin me? With my accurate accuracy
Immaculate faculty with a nation in back of me
I've seen promisin situations evolve into tragedies
I just hustle and hustle because it comes to me naturally
I'm a buffalo soldier clappin you back to Jehovah
C'mon let's take this shit over (c'mon let's take this shit over)
I'm a supernova, eclipse all your current events
This ain't no novelty, spittin hotter than barbecue pits
Lorena Bobbitt you dicks, triggers feel good in my grip
You showin off for the cameras when I just stick to the script
People get Hollywood quick, when people thinkin you sinkin
I got everybody thinkin I got a problem with drinkin
I'm just enjoyin my weekend so stay the fuck out my business
I roll with serial killers (we fuckin serial killers)

[Outro: Kurupt]
Yeah, we in this motherfucker
Kurupt Young Gotti, oh!
Oh y'all thought it was a game? West West!
PUSH my nigga PUSH! FUCK 'EM! Yeah!
We push the fine line over here boy
No games, X to the Z, Xzibit
Shooter, shoot off nigga!