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Artist: Xzibit
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Gangsta Gangsta
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Witness the downfall of man
I wanna kill you for your land
I am the nuclear reactor, leakin in Japan
I am ill-gotten gains, I quickly exchange hands (advance)
Yeah, march to the heartbeat of the city
You only hear the drums when they attached to the semi
You know what time it is, flagrant with the fouls and checks
It's like an ice rink surrounds my neck
I never worry about the referee, the gate keepers keep it locked for me
But so it shall and forever always will be
Underground X to the motherfuckin Z
Quoted on by the mighty King Tee
Where my gangstas at? Hit the park, bailed out the car
and seen blue and red everywhere, look how strong we are
So there will be no warnin shots
I'm 'bout to get my city boilin hot; and make 'em pray for rain
(Hey yaaa) And make 'em say my name
Let off more smoke than a coal-powered train
This is, concentration, determination
The very thin line between paradise and incarceration

[Chorus: singer]
Gangstas, gangstaaaaaas
To the gangstas, stand up, and rep what you're claimin
Police roll around, shake us down, always blamin the
Gangstas, gangstaaaaaas, ohhhh
Streets made me into this man
Gotta represent who I am

They say right before you die
you get the eerie feelin of peace then walk into the light
My soul won't be taken without a fight
She said she wanna spend her whole life when she only got me here for one night
Set your sights, better get it in
Call your best friend, I'ma call you wonder twins
Stop and go like gridlock traffic
Innovation makin another classic, we made it happen
Them big hip-hop budgets got cut
Niggaz did too much, then the Feds popped up
And now the game fucked up
Cause the lane's clogged up but the content sucks
I wanna fill up some big rig trucks
Time to tour the whole world, motherfuckers line up
Cause these tickets gon' move like crack
Entire West coast got my back, and y'all niggaz ain't fuckin with that


Can't even rely on your own eyes
Everything fake now, toast to the bad guys
That'll leave you hogtied swimmin with the fishes
Part machine, part skill, part intuition
I cooked my first ounce in my father's kitchen
He caught me with a Mac-11, 20 grand and half a chicken
I was shittin on myself but still let him know
that if he turned me in they'd turn around and kill us both
Cause it's a cold world, but I'm a polar bear
Destroy the Earth like a solar flare
Best beware of us, in God we trust
But everybody else gotta pay cash up front
Call Farrakhan to back me down, I'm on the level now
Speak like a minister, focused, study my literature
Clean house, takin out the trash
No fly zone, where yo' pass?
I'm gangsta, yeah