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Artist: DJ Crazy Toones f/ MC Ren, W.C. And The Maad Circle, Xzibit, Young Maylay
Album:  CT Experience Mixtape
Song:   Roll On Em
Typed by: dy_face@yahoo.Com

[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones Talking]
Yeah, Shit!
This is dedicated to all you biters out there
Y'all better watch all that.. (Where you from?)
I'm from South Central Los Angles, we influence the world, nigga
Just throw your set high on the air
Swear it's getting mighty funky out there
There's some bitches over here, there's some niggaz over there
Can I get a ride on cous? (Yeah! ha ha ha ha ha)
This is dedicated to whole.. Suckers!! Suckers!! Suckers!!
Awwwwwww! DJ Crazy Toones

[Verse One: Xzibit]
I take flight like fist fights
You see bright lights, throwing lefts and rights
I keep my jaw locked tight swinging
Bullets singing, pass your head though your windows
And plastic folds, it's the Rap casket closed (*laughter*)
I laugh at those, who chose to get bold
When they loose a couple of souls, they crumble and fold
Done watch the.. hunt down hurt, hang and hate the hater
Watch how we rise, ball and thank me later
Top dollar, anybody who got a problem with us
Can easily be found in crush (*Gun Cocked*)
I'ma launch, fill in the rush, feel the Adrenaline pumping
Me and Dub in the Escalate thumping (Yeah!)
Crazy Toones productions, cramped the air (*Helicopter Propeller Sound*)
Limo tinted down, let us track some tramps my nigga
When I walk, I'm leaving holes in the concrete
Xzibit dropped that heat, from thirty thousand feet

[Chorus: W.C.]
Nigga what? -  roll up on them, hit them up
Pull the trigger, give it up, lift the Chevy grill up
Nigga what? - if you a crib or a blood
Nigga I don't give a fuck, let me see them fingers up

Nigga what? - roll up on them, hit them up
Pull the trigger, give it up, lift the Chevy grill up
Nigga what? - got me throwing up my dubs
Who that nigga cutting it up? - Toones is funking it up

[Verse Two: Young Maylay]
Let me explain it, how I love the Three Wheel swinging
Drop it side to side, lock it up and then bang it
That's right, West Coast, L.A. originated
Prepare to take flight, now I'm the pilot designated
Maylay, cocked fist sitting (What?) Switch hitting
Hundred Spoke twisting, and five twenty strip gripping
See the bottom of the Transmission
Sixty six inches, showing off how they coated in Chrome suspension
Get my clown home, my bounce on
Cut the sound zone and it's thumping like Bow Wow
They already knowing, I got the hottest rider going
Flat bed in the back, just in case I gotta tow them
I cause I sure give it up, let me catch them with their wheels tucked
Jumping out sounding like Dub, yeah, nigga what?
Two licks on the switch, and it got up (bang bang)
With the ass end, locked up, that motherfucker hot hop

[Chorus: W.C.]

[Verse Three: MC Ren]
Who is it? - the black nigga with the big dick
Posted up with Crazy Toones, taking your trick
But that bitch better swallow
I don't give a damn if she has fake ass Rap Model (DAMN!!)
Get the fuck out of here
..Wild below me down (It's the motherfucking CT Experience)
If she sucked my balls, if she wanted me to stick it
I don't give a fuck, I'm filled with curse words (Come On!)
Fuck all your Radio geeks and nerds
And fuck the pig, my black ass still gon' eat (UHHA!)
Air playing can't stop the Villain (UHHA!)
Slanging Mixtapes like my fucking ass dope dealing (What you need?)
Taking flight with Dub and X (Nigga)
Leave my footprint like a motherfucking Terex (DAMN!!)
Who got next? - we run the court
Impregnate your bitch, while you pay the child support (Mark)
Then I'm out, get the next tape (UHHA!)
The Villainous; know your punk ass can't wait, UHH!

[Chorus: W.C.]

[Verse Four: W.C.]
Knick Knack and police rolling in the Patty Wagon
Pushing through the alley asking, where Dub and Toones at-and
Where them niggaz living? - and how them niggaz still stacking?
Is it really true them niggaz grew up on Manhattan?
(Crazy motherfucking Toones)
Niggaz Chit-Chat, talk behind the loc's back
But when we come through, like what's happening they don't want no action
Little fagots, y'all don't want it, cause we're pistol packing
And you know them Calhoun brothers will get to gating
Click clack, pass the Cush and Zig-Zag (Come On!)
Dip that, let a motherfucker hits that
Rip that, Nine Millimeter, clip tag
Bust a U - where these niggaz at?
Let's push that wigs back nigga (*Gun Shot*)
Toones and Dub-C, back to slaughter and shit
Switch tapes, Mixtapes, yeah, we started this shit
Finally, some real niggaz, y'all can feel niggaz (Nigga)
To all my ground pounders and Chevy Grill Lifters
CT Experience!

[Chorus: W.C.]

[Outro: DJ Crazy Toones Talking]
Yeah, I wanna piss on all y'all niggaz graves (A few DJs)
Before I kill you (A few Air personalities)
Cause I'm tired of niggaz claiming the West Coast
And ain't playing no motherfucking West Coast artist that about
That's some bullshit!! - Straight bullshit!