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Artist: Raekwon f/ Caesar, MURS, Xzibit
Album:  Ninja Assassin O.S.T.
Song:   Legacy
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
One-two, one-two, yeah, yeah, yeah
You know what it is man, sit back, socialize, kid
Yo, word up, man, what up, Lord?

Here's the deal, 300 mil, we in the field
With the boots on, police on us for real
And I love it, my guns is rugged, bulletproof vans with plans
To stay gangstered up and scramble
With the rest of the stresses, the tests
My bank HSBC, yeah, feel all my blessings
While wild out, I'm mild out, calm and humble
Blow a hole in your soldier, come through
Beyond that, guns for combat, right in front of the lobby
My hobby just too ill to saw black
He ain't the shit, we ain't the shit
But we will squeeze for them keys, point black and spank ya shit
Always in Nike, pen filled gooses, leather knockouts on, Tropican' juices
One false move I'm pressing niggas, automatic buttons on 4/5ths
Nigga, what, respect the niggas

[Chorus 2X: Caesar]
Legacy, you're the don, legacy, you're the king
Stories of the hood, lights, the fame bring
We runs the past, the strong survive
For perfection we strive, the legends alive

Yeah, what up, Rae? Yeah, living legend
They say nothing worth having comes easily
Let's go get in, buzz it down and spread it out evenly
Camouflage my rides, blend with the scenery
And bang in the face of my enemy
Divine from the waist ain't no killing me, it runs in my family
Bloodline, prepare for the best, through tough times
Fifty car caravan, anything jumping
Got the wheel real big with the rims still rubbing
But my rims ain't touching, I'm a Defcon button
I'm a Russian made Golisnikov, muthafucka
The same thing that builds you up, ain't reserve notes
Watermarks stacked, In God We Trust
But any man can and will be crushed, heaviest move like elephant tusk
Think you better adjust the way you approach, don't get too close
Because you might get hit with a shitbag, and a wheelchair dented in zig zag

[Chorus 2X]

Huh, MURS, yo
Now when I first started out, they said I wouldn't make it
I'm made of less metal, probably just couldn't take it
I roll with my aces, certified assassins
Mid city militia, we come through smashing
We fucking with them butterknives, we swinging them katanas
Sharper than pirahans, cutting through your body armor
It's all about honor, man, respect the code
Touch a point on your neck and make your chest explode
And the water turns vets into vegetables
You gotta, stay on point or be the next to go
Whether, dickies or chucks, or the guess and low
It's all one love, homey, rep your coast
Cuz fame is elusive, respect is the prize
Is he less of a man, you can check through his eyes
Those guys with subversive plots
Be the ones you dispise, and the first to watch, hah

[Chorus 4X]