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Artist: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass f/ Bishop Lamont, Royce Da 5'9", Xzibit
Album:  Blasphemy
Song:   Giraffe Pussy
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Ah... Lions and Lakers
I am Ras Kass, representin C-A-R-son, California
With my nigga Bishop Lamont, and representin the D
Apollo Brown and Nickel - Royce, Da 5', 9"

[Royce da 5'9"]
I can swim the English Channel with all these arms I got
Fully automatic, karma tryna disarm my plot
I'm honoring invites to fight, just wait there
I'm givin out +Beats+ like the Dre pair
I'm comin with straps like a straight jacket
and I ain't puttin nothin on WorldStar
I'm creepin on you, keep it under your hat, like Sway hair
Nickel, Rassy and Crook'll spark the thought
that'll triple-author the book of sharks
I told my Phantom driver, I said, "+Phantom+ driver, take me to the +Opera+"
Waited 'til we got there, then I shot him just so we could look the part
My bitch just sit in my bed and wait, for me
Even though all the threads snazzy, she never wear 'em
Your bitch a chicken head, mine is inconspicuous
Even on Twitter, I crack her head if she don't use an egg avi
I've been possessed since "The Nature of the Threat" drop
Jordan shoe of recording, you a whore to a label, your label a sweatshop

[Chorus: Xzibit]
I feel so inspired, never kneel to a false Messiah
Gettin higher than giraffe pussy, push me, I'm no liar
Flatten you niggaz like four flat tires
Gettin higher than giraffe pussy...
Gettin higher than giraffe pussy...
Gettin higher than giraffe pussy...
Gettin higher than giraffe pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy

[Ras Kass]
I'm higher than your ascending Messiah
on the original Easter, supernatural creature
I'm tryna WorldStar every motherfuckin feature
Kick you while you're down in the face, Sharkeisha
Niggaz is lame, playin a knockout game
I hope ALL y'all mothers get the same, real talk
..This is hip-hop on bath salts
I be in the streets like lanes, litter and asphalt
Why am I such an asshole? Probably my dad's fault
It's an Austin thing, nigga! Little rock, big cock
Time is money, the guap is tick-tock
Landed a 'copter in the jungles, me and Rick Rock (woo!)
Hopped out and showed the Bloods respect
Cause I love the West, plus I got love for Hex Murda
That means I love the D, whattup though?
My Chaldean bitch gun tote, nickel-plated snub nose
So run home, I be seein rappers when I was
standin in the front row, secondhand blunt smoke
For my niggaz in the pen playin tonk though
Bring 'em 85 off that 36 months though


[Bishop Lamont]
I can show you how real style gets spit
Lava, underwater, volcanic my standard
I incinerate your blah-blah, you too green
New to this thing, you soft niggaz sweet like guava
I like my bitches kinky, swallow nut like German lager
Speakin of German, I go off like V2's
My word play is D-Day, if I choose
I'm unenthused with you phony dudes and your crews
You Ali G and Borat; talk shit
I'm on your front porch like a doormat - what you say?
I'm SoCal, Carson City my locale
I've been at this since niggaz used to go see Cal'
Yeah, you ride my dick, too many on it like a slave ship
My penmanship's a scorpion's tail tip, poison
Deadly, I put lead in ya, more guts the merrier
+I'm Gon' Get You Sucka+, pack like Hayes but never slippin
Slip the clip in, it's a wrap, get mummified
Play Egyptian, Mumm-Ra, cartoon, your description
Make you poof like Harry who? I'm no magician
Listen, phony formats, don't fuck with none of that


{*smokes then coughs*}
Wassup, my nigga? Apollo, yo..
I got high as fuck, nigga