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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Sadat X, Xzibit
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 4
Song:   Sadat X & Xzibit
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[Sadat X talking]
I'ma set it off (Set it off, set it off)
One two, one two, one two I'ma set it
Like this y'all, it's like this y'all
It's like this, check it out

[Sadat X]
A lot of kids out there might think that I'm strange
But the wild cowboy never lived on no range
The only prairie I seen was in a library
And the last Indian I seen was headed towards Cleveland
Believin' what you believe in, but stop the bullshit deceivin'
When the OK Corral bell rings for the winner
I flash back to 79 with Thelma drinkin' wine
You could see that it was me even with that small screen
Al Green had a major string of hits
I wanna be like him in the fact that each one was a gem
My man Mashburn is killin' em' in Dallas
I seen him one day off that bullshit show Alice
The wild cowboy is hard to resist
Make the play get the assist, girlfriends hate genesis
Me and Diamond D dug deeper in the crates
We rhymin' for high rates, I did wild show dates
My name is X, yo my name is X
Worth more weight than gold
Fresher than your baby who's a year old
Step to war without ya armor
Results in trama, mad drama, I'm the mad bomber
Young girls stay away cause I'm dangerous
I'm a grown man don't force my hand
I'll twist that back cause I can, check it out
Xzibit my man hit em'

I look you in ya grill and I laugh inside
Niggas always perpetratin' like they down to ride
Please don't try to tell me what I cannot see
What's the real definition of a fake MC
Mother f'ers only rappin' since 93
And expect all props, I'm gettin' dropped like hot rocks
So stop what ya doin' cause I'm about to ruin
Like Shock G, your turn to stone try to rock me
I seperate my thought process from stress
24 tracks inside my brain, tryin' to maintain
I bang without no gang or jehri curls
Seem like ya team in a whole different world
It's the girls, cars niggas lose themselves
Forgettin' who they are when they tryin' to be a superstar
You don't understand it's all in the game plan
Exploit the art and watch hip-hop fall apart
But I'ma do my part and stay true
And keep breakin' down bitch niggas like you
How much hate can only one man generate
I cruch fakes and make they rhymes desintergrate
Well worth the weight ain't no need for discussion
All this grittin' and and frontin'
But still don't see you doin' nothin'
Xzibit scorchin' all rappers in my vicinity
You know my identity, never sleepin' with the enemy
So my niggas I suggest that you bowl
If not you might get cut like Nicole
I'm on some money unlike a foe
Xzibit only twenty years old
And turned to certified gold
Believe me when I say I bring this, when I seen this
Fiendish Old English, Hennessey, Tanqueray
Type rap to take ya pain away
I never stop until the other man drop
And that's West Coast hip-hop
Livin' in the bottom of the...livin' lessons you can't learn
Wake Up Show lyrical sherm

[Sadat X]
One day when I was ridin' I seen these two kids talkin'
About the lyrical rain that had fallen
Didn't say nothin' cause these kids called my goat
Even pulled my coat like a murder that they wrote
So this kid with mouth swaggin'
I plays the cloak and daggers
So I got show deuced the sholock that I am
I can rock a jam, make the world drive yam
Oh yeah, it's Batman with bad men with black
And if ya come to drop bombs ya ain't with that
Now I can freak the flight flow, measure that
Don't understan the ways I lay down the nnnn
Don't learn about the style that was made from my mom and dad
When I was young I used to run with a notepad
Then time flew and some how I knew I was bad to the bone
Check it out, now I'm the black prodigy
Just the age of twenty
I can write and rhyme rip it up and write the next one
Write on the spot, sign my name with a dot
Diamond D threw me something smooth, New York raw
Sick of the wack jam, everybody hit the floor
OK it's useless,  I'm the hard rock of the pack
Don't get near to the brothers
Ya must be holdin' bust a slug in his chest
His whole body is swollin'
Why did I have to do it, he asked for it
His man saw it so it don't mean jack to me
He's gone and that's how it's supposed to be
Hey yo check it out now
Hey yo I ain't goin' out
Yo that soft thing is dead
Have ya heard what I said
If not ask the dread, yo
He gots the cannon that's bad
And that's similar to the one that I got from my old dad
Yo the wild cowboy and X to the Z Xzibit