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Artist: Xzibit
Album:  The X-Files: I Want to Believe Soundtrack
Song:   Dying 2 Live
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Break the bank
Make my heart rate escalate
I can't wait 'til the sun come up
Come precise like a diamond cut
I live life like my time is up
So I ain't got no time to waste
Don't want a watch with a diamond face
I wanna watch through a scope, head shot from a mile away 
Your head popped like J.F.K., like a plot by the CIA
We ain't dyin from the KKK
When that AK spray, they say "Ay bay bay"
Stay tuned watch the melee play
Get attached to the tracks and the facts through the words I say
Gotta navigate out my way, I'm a roadside IED
Detonatin on live TV
Larry King, all eyes on me
Now put your hands where my eyes can see (yeah!)

Now if I die, before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Cause I have faith, and I can't wait
To get these obstacles up out of my face
This is my time, and this my grind
And not even midnight can stop my shine
Never give up, the ultimate sin
You're ready to die, but I'm dyin to live
Dyin to live

Ch-ah-ah, the hustle is theme
Caught in between greed and the best of things
I don't even breathe, expand my chest fatigue
Benjamin green leaves in a nest of thieves
I get down on my knees and beg God
to forgive my sins; back at it again
Raise up like Attica did
Shift down fourth to fifth and burn like an arsonist
West bound down, P.C.H.
Catchin nothin but green lights, my foot never touch the breaks
My loot money make moves in Vegas
Shake Cali like the San Andreas
I'm the truth in the booth, you a space invader
Go 'head, hate me hater
Hack your hard drive and erase the data
'Til I come face to face with my creator
Bust back, bottom line, +Bourne Ultimatum+
I'm too smart to assassinate 'em
Try and touch me is fine, I just kindly return the favor
I return the emancipator
May we all progress, to the power of X


What you know about mass appeal?
I peel out as a clutch the wheel
Death certificate, sign and sealed
Take a journey down the road to glory
Pay attention to a soldier's story
There will be none after, there was none before me
X man withstand the test
A thin line between life and death
Sometimes it sucks when you find success
Lost friends never lost respect
Comin home like an Iraq vet
So now the time and the place is set
It's been a long haul, ready to go
Circle up, c'mon, start the show
So I can breathe and achieve the impossible
I want the bootleggers to get it, the wise words of Xzibit
You never see me crash and burn, I'm dyin to live it
Who ready for a revolution?
Who ready for a real solution? Save the music