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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
12.01.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: LMAO
12.01.12 MUNR Random Axe: Chewbacca
12.01.12 MTNL DJ Khaled: Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
12.01.12 MTNL DJ Khaled: Bottles & Rockin' J's
12.01.12 MUNR Slaughterhouse: Microphone
12.01.12 MUNR Slaughterhouse: Goodbye
12.01.12 MTNL P!nk: Here Comes the Weekend
12.01.12 MTNL Crooked I: Monsters in My Head
12.01.12 TRRO Eminem: 2.0 Boys
12.01.12 MUNR Obie Trice: Richard
12.01.12 MUNR Smoke DZA: Ball Game
12.01.12 TRRO Ice Cube: My Summer Vacation
12.01.12 TRRO Snoop Dogg: No Thang On Me
12.01.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Today
12.01.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Today (Original Version)
12.01.12 MUNR Kanye West: To the World
12.01.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Night of the Living Junkies
12.01.12 MTNL Kendrick Lamar: The Recipe
12.01.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: The Heart Pt. 1
12.01.12 MUNR Slaughterhouse: Coffin
12.01.12 MUNR Slaughterhouse: Place to Be
12.01.12 MUNR Ab-Soul: Black Lip Bastard (Remix)
12.01.12 MUNR Ludacris: Feelin' So Sexy
12.01.12 MUNR Das EFX: Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: 1983
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Everything
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Dos Equis
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: State of Hip-Hop vs. Xzibit
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Something More
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Gangsta Gangsta
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Forever a G
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Stand Tall
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Spread it Out
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Up Out the Way
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Napalm
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Enjoy the Night
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Meaning of Life
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: Movies
12.01.12 TRRO Xzibit: I Came to Kill
12.01.12 TRRO DMX: I Can Feel It
12.01.12 MUNR Mos Def: Brooklyn
12.01.12 MTNL Tekitha: I Can See
12.01.12 MTNL Tekitha: You (Remix)
12.01.12 MUNR UGK: Living This Life
12.01.12 MUNR Saigon: Down the Road
12.01.12 MUNR Saigon: Get Busy
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Escape from the Killing Fields
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Prepared to Die
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Fried Chicken
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Pulse of the Rhyme
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: The Tower
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: They Want Me Back In
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Dear Homie
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Freestyle
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: M.V.P.s
12.22.12 TRRO Ice-T: Street Killer
12.22.12 MUNR Mos Def: Brooklyn
12.22.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Swimming Pools (Black Hippy)
12.22.12 MUNR Wiz Khalifa: Remember You
12.24.12 MTNL T.I.: Go Get It
12.24.12 TRRO Ice-T: Straight Up Nigga
12.24.12 MUNR Chino XL: Latinos Stand Up (Part 2)