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Artist: Saigon
Album:  Get Busy 12"
Song:   Get Busy
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[Intro: Saigon]
Let's take 'em back
Now, now's the time
That you make yo' way to the floor
You know what it's hittin for
Go Saigon (uhh) get busy (get busy)
Yardfather (yeah!) Get busy (uhh)
Go Giddy, get busy (get busy)
Get, yeah, get busy, ohh!

I used to warp uptown to see Mario
That nigga sold more blow than the young Harry O
From {?} to Ghana to Ontario
He made it snow all over the whole barrio
His lil' brother Luigi, he was a real nigga
He took mushrooms, they used to make him feel bigger
His job was to pick up the shit like a pooper scooper
And drop it off without gettin caught by the Koopa Troopa
One day they hit Mario on the jack
Told him they had his bitch, want a hundred stacks to get her back
He thinkin "What kind of shit is that?
This ain't a video game, lame, we finna go tit for tat"
He lit his cigarette, took a drag of the cancer smoke
And with this hit, he burnt a hole in the ransom note
Then he wrote with ease and I quote
"Y'all must really want one of these in your throat"
He said, "Let my bitch go this evenin
Or somebody won't be breathin!
Cause I'ma call Lizzy, and Lizzy'll call Giddy
And uh, and Giddy gon' get busy!"

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Go Saigon, get busy {"Get busy!"}
Yardfather, get busy {"Get busy!"}
Go Giddy, get busy
Get, get, get busy {"Get busy!"}

I +Get Busy+ like I'm muh'fuckin Sean Paul
And damn right your boy's in it for the long haul
Some niggaz said, "Saigon, you a cornball"
I spit a fireball, now his face upon the wall
Lord, have mercy on my foes
Cause I could get these niggaz killed with my eyes closed
God knows I'm a gangsta to the core
I'm very familiar, I'm not a stranger to the war
And I maneuver through the sewer like human manure
I'm like hard liquor my nigga, you a Kahla
I do a old school dance like the Roger Rabbit
Soon as I hear this beat, it's like it's automatic
Uh, I get busy
Spin around 'til a nigga get dizzy (dizzy)
Yeah, it's Giddy
Cause nah, they can't deny I gets busy (gets busy)


I get up, go to the bathroom, move my bowels
Hop up out of the shower and use the towel
Picture me not havin no new apparel
That's like spellin a word not usin a vowel
This game ain't easy, shit is a hurdle
They say to win I gotta get rid of the turtle
To show the world that I'm so sick with the verbals
Now watch out for the bloggers, them niggaz'll merk you
Attention all haters, get off your boy dick
Tell your bitch to come here, she can play with my joystick
Up up down down left right left right
B, A, B, A, Start; now tear it apart (yeah!)
But that's a whole 'nother game so when I'm done with your dame
I just jump in my kart and disappear in the dark
Did I say kart? Oops, I meant Range Rover
Matter fact, game over!