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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
09.04.12 TRRO Lily Allen: Friday Night
09.04.12 MTNL Ice-T: Killers
09.04.12 TRRO Ice-T: 6'n the Mornin'
09.04.12 MUNR Pete Rock/SNW: That's Hard
09.04.12 MTNL Supercat: Dolly My Baby (Remix)
09.04.12 MTNL Supercat: Scalp Dem (Wu-Tang Mix)
09.04.12 MUNR Gucci Mane: Heavy
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Rapper Shit
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Thanksgiving
09.04.12 MUNR Ab-Soul: ILLuminate
09.04.12 MUNR K. Lamar: Night of the Living Junkies
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Michael Jordan
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: The Recipe
09.04.12 MUNR Chamillionaire: Void in My Life
09.04.12 MUNR Jurassic 5: Concrete Schoolyard
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Don't Understand
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: War Is My Love
09.04.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: My Mind Drifts
09.04.12 MTNL Big K.R.I.T.: I Got This
09.04.12 MTNL Big K.R.I.T.: Money on the Floor
09.04.12 TRRO Don Trip: Letter to My Son
09.04.12 MUNR Atmosphere: The Ropes
09.04.12 MUNR Atmosphere: White Noise
09.04.12 MUNR Atmosphere: Road to the Riches
09.04.12 MUNR Meth + Red: 1, 2, 1, 2
09.04.12 MUNR B. Spears: Big Fat Bass
09.04.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: My Sub
09.04.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: See Me On Top
09.04.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: Just Touched Down
09.04.12 MUNR B.o.B: Airplanes (Part II)
09.06.12 MUNR Ja Rule: Never Thought
09.06.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: Cool 2 Be Southern
09.06.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: Man on Fire
09.06.12 MUNR Big K.R.I.T.: Hydroplaning
09.06.12 TRRO Mr. Lif: Phantom
09.06.12 MUNR Ab-Soul: Terrorist Threats
09.06.12 MUNR Talib Kweli: Beautiful
09.06.12 MUNR The Coup: Pork and Beef
09.06.12 MUNR ScHoolboy Q: Figg Get Da Money
09.06.12 MUNR ScHoolboy Q: Birds & THe Beez
09.06.12 MUNR Childish Gambino: Unnecessary
09.06.12 MUNR Talib Kweli: Push Thru
09.06.12 MUNR Jay-Z: People Talkin'
09.06.12 MUNR Ab-Soul: Lust Demons
09.06.12 MUNR 50 Cent: Get Up
09.06.12 MUNR Kool Keith: Black Lagoon (Remix)
09.06.12 MUNR Busta Rhymes: King Tut
09.06.12 MTNL Busta Rhymes: Wine & Go Down
09.06.12 MUNR The Roots: Make My
09.06.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Westside, Right on Time
09.11.12 MTNL DMX: I Don't Dance
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: Midnight
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: Ziplock
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: First Impression
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: Mic Contract
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: Mind Over Matter
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: New Jack Hustler
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: Ed
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: O.G. Original Gangster
09.11.12 TRRO Ice-T: The House
09.11.12 TRRO Nas: You Wouldn't Understand
09.11.12 TRRO Nas: Reach Out
09.11.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: The Heart Pt. 1
09.11.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: Wanna Be Heard
09.11.12 MUNR Kendrick Lamar: I Do This