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Artist: Chino XL f/ B-Real (Cypress Hill), Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm), Thirstin Howl III, Sinful (The Mexakinz), Frost
Album:  Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary (Disc 2)
Song:   Latinos Stand Up (Part 2)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

"Por el suelo
Hay como se riega (Por el suelo)
Hay es de bonita (Por el suelo)
Hay es verdecita (Por el suelo)
Hay la verdolaga" --> Toto La Momposina

Okay, we reloaded

[Verse 1: B-Real]
Mira chico, it's been a while for me and Chino
To spit the venom and start upliftin' Latino people
We started back in the days of Mellow Man Ace and Frost
For every Latin rapper, we're labelled the underdogs
They open the doors and Cypress Hill, we came bustin' through it
Platinum plaques on the wall, the first Latins to do it
Joey Crack and the Punisher, they kept it movin'
And little by little, the movement started showin' improvement
We're in it to win it, you can trace us from the beginnin'
From graph on the wall to crazy legs on the floors spinnin'
The doors were open, you're scopin' aqui yo tengo llabes
Y ya tu sabes, in spirit, we roll with Cezar Chavez
We gettin' higher than Cheech & Chong, summon the choir
Sing to our people, inspire them to light up the fire
We goin' for ours and reachin' for stars, hands up
And if you ain't, hearin' the message, Latinos stand up

Chorus: Sick Jacken
Latinos stand up
Morenos stand up
Act like you gettin' rob, then throw your hands up
We are the ghetto music Latin lingo beat killers
We get it poppin' in the streets, so I know you feel us
We stand up
My people stand up
Act like you gettin' rob, then throw your hands up
You can catch us in the hood, daily
Stackin' money, tryin' to make it out alive cause it's too crazy

[Verse 2: Chino XL]
I grew up listenin' to Rican/Struction, Ray Barretto
Puerto Rican superhero now, bringin' hope to the ghetto
Youngest situation was faced with incarceration
But now I own more homes/holmes than an ese's conversation
My co-sign from B-Real and the Soul Assassins
Have me spazzin' passionate, accurate for my fellow Latins
Feelin' like a god when I get in the booth
I flow so natural like I dip my writin' pen inside, the blood is loose
Tourin' the world with Immortal Technique
All you can see is the sea of the caged minds we set free
These hater's reign is over, callate la boca
Got so many bars, that's probably why my last name is Barbosa
Funkdoobiest, Tony Touch, Tru Life, and Psycho Realm
Fat Joe, Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, the underground
Cuban Linx, Big Pun, Markey D, Big Lou
Pitbull, Peedi Crack, and any gente I forgot
The illest story teller since abuela beat me
With chancletas for standin' in front of the T.V. during novelas
Spit king since sixteen, the only homeys on your team
Is them figures out of bubblegum machines

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Thirstin Howl III]
I'm from Brownsville, Brooklyn, with the P.R. flag
Wear my coat and my hat, usually, all match
Whether projects in prison, second hung
Thirstin Howl the third, with his weapon drums
Guapo guapo, hablo malo, when I'm walkin' with the bottle
Matando, matando, unico trabajo
Street legend credit, edits corrected
My gun and my mic, both make records

Que seria, hip hop sin El Pecador, vamos (Dale)
Seria como Los Angeles y Mexicanos
Un malandrin a en la luz, que te deja la cruz
El unico Latino que grita (???) ven mas, there's loot
Pregunta por mi en las calles si hay alguna duda
Recoje la evidencia por aqui hay mucha basura
Dirty Dodger, trampista sucio
Que se pone la mascara de Santos pa robarte, por gusto

Quevole, loco, que onda, que pasa
Aqui para, Mister La-Raza
Tu sabes, Chevrolet Impalas
La vida loca, East L.A. forever
La raza, stand up
Mi gente, stand up
Act like you got guantes on them, down to get 'em up, ese
We in the barrio, cruisin' in lowriders
In the calles of East Los, where you'll find us

Repeat Chorus

"Por el suelo
Hay como se riega (Por el suelo)
Hay es de bonita (Por el suelo)
Hay es verdecita (Por el suelo)
Hay la verdolaga"