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Artist: Kendrick Lamar f/ Alori Joh, JaVonte
Album:  Today (S)
Song:   Today (Original Version)
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[Alori Joh]
Today *9X*
I feel like *3X*

[Kendrick Lamar]
Bumping some Sade
Rolling my window down, then hitting the highway
No it's not Friday, but it's my day
and sometimes shit gotta go my way
Niggas got me fucked up, thinking that my music don't 'stick' like some nunchucks
Top Dawg, and we 'All Stars' like we run Chucks
But never mind that
Take a trip to outer space, show you where my mind at
You know where my grind at
Inside of the studio, that's where I spend my time at
Fuck over the game till I make that bitch climax
Miss me with that bullshit
Haters die young, you can run to the pulpit
Pulling off to pitstop, car like a flip-flop
Bitches clap at me like they want to make my piss hot
I don't even trip though, I don't need no company
Me? I'm thinking long-term, tryna build a company
Kendrick the Good Kid

[Chorus: JaVonte]
As I move
I feel way better doing me, I can only do me
I hope that you do you
I think to myself truthfully, I can only feel me
Some people say that I'm rude
But I don't give a damn if she, if he, if them
or they say I'm uncool
Nothing would change how I feel me today

[Kendrick Lamar]
Nigga, what I compose be so potent
that if the Earth dried, I could spit back the ocean
Then hop on a jet ski and start west coasting
I'm not boasting or bragging
Not a person, I'm a dragon taking action in the heat of the night
So if the Devil came, tell him that I'll be alright
I'm so high off life that I can O.D.
Walk outside, then sniff a whole ki'
Old lady, don't call the police, it's just an 'Average Joe'
walking with his heart on his 'pendix, don't be afraid to speak
So to speak, you niggas not within arm-reach
Y'all Midget Mac swinging on Shaq, now have a seat
You can never coexist with my mama's oldest, Kendrick be thy name
I got my mind right, my nigga locked in the pen
That's why my mind write ink over my brain, what's up?!


[Kendrick Lamar]
So let me start off the third verse
bigging up y'all favorites as I curse
Fuck the system, fuck the truth, fuck religion
Fuck the government, fuck the law, fuck the prisons
Fuck George Bush, fuck rappers who love dissing
Fuck you because you don't see my vision
I fucked your new girlfriend too because she's cute
and the ass looked like a grenade within the denim
Fuck the groupies, fuck the gossiping bitches
Fuck niggas who can't fight, so pull triggers
Fuck the new broke ass price, the cost of living
Fuck your love, fuck your hate, fuck your snitching
And whether you fuck with me or not
I don't give a fuck, you can keep your props
Fuck keeping it real, I'ma keep it K. Dot
Kendrick every day, Jay-Z didn't lie, fucker


[Alori Joh]
Today *9X*