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Artist: Xzibit
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Napalm
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"31 seconds and we're going for auto sequence start."

Yeah, you thought that this was over
Thought you got away with murder, watch me murder my deserters
This is congress, Secret Service, got your epidermis crawlin
From the toxins in the water, use the oxygen to slaughter
This is big business baby, blood money bringin benefits
Still suffer from the ideology of Willie Lynch
Now it's all makin sense, let's breed ignorance
Cause ignorance is bliss, watch the bliss make us filthy rich, BITCH!

[Chorus: Xzibit]
I'm okay now, bring the napalm
I'll fly over, and blow you away
No more sunshine, no more playgrounds
I'll fly over, and blow you away now
There's no glamour, no guts, no glory
When I fly over, and blow you away
Blow you away now, fuck can you say now?
I'm loadin my napalm, loadin my napalm

Ahhhh the last shall be first, goddamn it planet, here we go
Camouflage cowboys, saddle up, rodeo
HIV, Polio, positive identity
Axis of evil because we can't believe the trinity
Homeland Security, false sense of purity
Fuck your intentions and big plans for my community
I ain't afraid to die, fuck you gon' do with that?
I'm comin to find you and wipe you off the fuckin map, BRRAT!


I just wanted to live my life like the common man
Have a family, a picket fence with a couple friends
Maybe even walk the dog, when the night is right
Such a pretty picture, we dancin under flashin lights
And we wouldn't have a worry, not in the world at all
Watch my favorite sitcom then go outside and mow the lawn
I come inside just in time to see our baby walkin
And bringin flowers ain't special because I do it often
I'd be workin a 9-to-5 'til I'm old and grey
Then just wither away to dust, watch it float away
And it'll be complete my life because I lived it right
Never lifted my voice in anger just to pacify
I guess it's all eventual how all these chips should fall
How can you appreciate walkin if you have never crawled?
Matter fact, why am I talkin? I should be standin tall
Instead I'm in a world of shit steamin, screamin "Fuck 'em all!"
Aerosol arsonist, taggin up the apocalypse
The narcoleptic masses so I bang completely opposite
All you need is confidence, I don't need no compliments
The system sets the standards, self-destruction of the obvious
This is for the populous, population genocide
Patriotic duty look alive and never sympathize
Take 'em by surprise, strike 'em early when they rise
When they open up they eyes but they still so fuckin blind
But hey, hey!


Serial killer, killer, killer! {*3X*}
Serial killer!