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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head
Song:   Go Get It
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[Chorus: T.I.]
I got a grind won't stop, hustle won't quit
Shine like no other, I be on some other shit
I got a high-priced lifestyle, super-bad bitch
If I want it bet I got it, if I don't bet all I gotta do
is go (go) get it (get it) stay about my business (uh-huh)
Ball 'til I fall (say what?) flossin 'til I finish (hey)
I just go (go) get it (get it) stay about my business (okay)
I'm livin just to kill it, stack a million to the ceiling
Now just go

Every day above ground all I wanna do is ball
Put my money over bitches, put my hustle over all
Louie down to the drawers, Louboutin kicks
Got a Mad Hatter swagger, bitch I'm stupid dumb sick
With a group of young bitches and they stupid dumb thick
I'm the marathon man, all I do is run shit
A sophisticated convict, superficial still official
Multi-million dollar shit, money is the object
Hot shit, bitch I got a sauna on my arm
Sit bigger with no dime or rich a minute by {?}
They just talk about they got it, I'm the upper echelon though
Bitch I'm 'bout that action, you can go on with the convo
I done done mo' than you dreamed 'bout, get yo' drink bitch and yo' dream house
On lean passin them beans out, with a bad crew the whole team hot
Go on boy, get seen by, bruh you know me, you know I be
Stackin that dough that's all I see, I G-O G-E-T I-T


I live life, fuck late night, get shit-faced when I take flight
I get paid, no sick days, my outfit's on switchblades
Don't sniff yay but I blow 'dro, bankroll on loco
Still ride with that fo'-fo' but don't let my P.O. know
Bad white bitch super thick, I'm Ice-T she Coco
She got another bitch, them other bitches, her ass fat, face so-so
No paper trail, no phone calls, no e-mails, no photos
Just backshots with that fat butt and low blow headbutts in slow-mo
Hey Purple Label, Polo and Akoo - that's all I do
Man I strive and roll my denim in them new Margiela shoes
Man we be cool and we just parlay, on Margarita Molly{?}
And the strongest pack around, bumpin Sadé out in Maui
We ménage'n for a hobby, we kick it how we kick it
Know you envy how I'm livin, chick just can't resist the pimpin
Get the million 'bout my business, bruh you know me, you know I be
Stackin that dough that's all I see, I G-O G-E-T I-T


[Outro: T.I.]
Get it
Now just go, get it {*3X*}
Go... {*4X*}
Get it