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Artist: Xzibit f/ Slim the Mobster
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Stand Tall
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[Intro: Xzibit]
Sometimes it all just come together, y'know?

[Chorus: singer]
I put my city on my back now
And push the haters to the background
Together we ball
But divided through the struggle we fall, yeah
Got my city on the map now
That's why I can never back down
Never back down, so through it all
You gotta stand tall
La, la, la, la, lah {*3X*}
Lah, lah, lah

Yeah, to all of my friends, enemies and affiliates
Burn a backwood, burn it down to your fingertips
Let the whole world recognize this accomplishment
You couldn't have told me none of this back in '96
The ability to crawl up out of bottomless pits
This is our time, I'm spendin mine rockin this bitch
I still remember the very moment I was enlisted
I studied under sadistic gangsters that's with the business
And when it's blood in the street from my brothers and sisters
They wanna debate on television about the victim
Right or wrong if Trayvon was my little man
I would take a chainsaw to Zimmerman, yeah~!


For all the moments I've wasted on makin others happy
Attack me, I'm bullet-proof, hack me - I'll send a virus through
I've never lied to you, still roll with a chosen few
Spit every word and I mean it, meanin I'll really body you
Cause I would rather be in hell than a jail cell
I'm +Hancock+, superhero slammin cocktails (YEAH!)
Ha, I never fail, don't try to patronize me
Alert and painfully aware of everything in my surroundings
I am shamefully shining, never touched the silver lining
The only cross that I bear is covered with some fuckin diamonds
I hear my city callin, here come the juggernaut
with 1200 soldiers in the parkin lot
Bring it, yeah


[Slim the Mobster]
So failure ain't an option
How you think I made it out that corner apartment?
Turned my corner to my market
And now I target the same niggaz I taught all of that dumb shit
Cause when the gun click and that bullet leave you can't get that life back
Karma is a bitch and believe me, she'll get it right back
They say that success is the best revenge
But, who really wins if we all die in the end?
If, I had it all then I probably wouldn't pray the same
And the cloth that I'm cut from stitched together with pain
My name good on every corner in my city
You don't believe me then come fuck with me