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Artist: Xzibit f/ Ret. Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Meaning of Life
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[Intro: Ret. Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris]
My name is Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris, retired United States Army.
Unfortunately while serving our nation, I was hit with a roadside bomb
that was estimated about 800 pounds of explosives.
I lost three soldiers, my truck was destroyed.
My driver and I were the only two soldiers out of that vehicle that survived.

[Chorus: Xzibit]
So what's the meanin of life? What's the meanin of life?
Man I don't know, I don't know
Cause all I know is when I grab the microphone and they let me up on the stage
Grand larceny cause I'm stealin the show
What's the meanin of life? What's the meanin of life?
Man I couldn't tell ya, I can't tell ya
All I know is if you spend too much time without bein refined
Then your life will be described as a failure

Let me tell you 'bout these bitch-ass, half-cocked, pussy ass niggaz
that's never gon' pull a trigger to protect no figures
Never seen a hard time in your life
Beatin the shit out of your kids and your wife, cause what you lack in a fight
That we all fightin is similar, self-hate and mutilation
The lost angel, Los Angeles, congratulations
From admiration to aggravation to the highest level
Don't be surprised you all alone when that dust settle
Heart colder than gun metal, I done survived it all
Prayin for my downfall, got the fuck from around y'all
No more niggaz bringin me down, even includin myself
I celebrate life for nobody else
Mountains of wealth ain't really shit without health
Momentum shrouded in stealth
Cause hell is crowded with cowards who fell for the dollar
Now watch Xzibit rise to power
I turned these 15 minutes to hours; but still askin

[Chorus] - without "So" at the start

Let me tell you 'bout these hypocrites and half-wits, caught up in the politics
Work yourself to death but Uncle Sam is takin all of it
Prisoner to the policy, the mark of the beast
Becomin one with technology, surveillance of each
And every one of us, some of us got no heart and no backbone
The few will seek freedom while most of the masses will conform
That woman you lust for
is usually not the one that stick around when you go to war, immaculate platform
We back and prepared for 'em, attackin the landlords
Cause the shit too high, we 'bout to get what we came for!
And if I should die, may it not be in vain, more
importantly more to see; keep it crackin and orderly
Got my future in front of me, focus is fuckin phenomenal
Nobody can touch us, I turned the impossible possible
with it, do me a favor man, do not try to tell me shit
It's just me and my bitch, yeah

[Chorus] - without "So" at the start

[Interlude: Ret. Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris]
When I was injured, I had sustained 35% burns over my body.
I lost my ears, my nose, and have been through many reconstructive surgeries.
My father was there, my wife was there, my children.
That was a lot of my motivations 
because I knew the way that they were looking at me, I had to get stronger.
I had to become independent again, and I think that that's why I pushed so hard.

Let me tell you 'bout these long days and sleepless nights
Penny-pinchin tryin to make it to the afterlife
And not to mention time is short, you better make it right
Before you see that final light get all yo' business tight
This is the gospel, gotta get it or get left alone
So get it on until yo' destiny is set in stone
The dead and gone can never tell us what comes after death
So make it count and live yo' life out loud with no regrets
This for the set, this for the ones that's never wakin up
Live in a fantasy, insanity, they fake as fuck
They outta touch, they outta line, it's time to face the truth
That I wasn't supposed to make it, now I'm livin proof
Excavated mountains of misery, eventually found the fountain of youth
It's been pissed in, shit in, violated so they pollute
That's why they shoot, have yo' ass in a box dressed in a suit
'Bout time you got in touch with your roots, yeah

[Chorus] - first 1/2

[Outro: Ret. Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris]
The best help that you can do, is help yourself.
You have to, to step up.
You have to find the strength inside of you to pull yourself through it
because y'know you can, you can have people pull you every day.
But unless you're willing to move and you're willing to move forward
then you're gonna be stuck in a rut.
And you're gonna be stuck in that bad place
that is depressing and holding you back.
The only person that can set you free is yourself.