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Corrections Apr. 2013 (find 3/13 here).
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Abbreviations Key:
* COTO: Change of Typist Only
* MUNR: Minor Update, No Rewrite
* MTNL: Moved to New Location
* TRRO: Typist Revision Replaced Original

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Date Change Lyric
04.18.13 MUNR Robert Glapser: Always Shine
04.18.13 TRRO Ice-T: I'm Your Pusher
04.18.13 TRRO DJ Yella: 4 Tha E
04.18.13 TRRO Ice-T: 6 'N the Mornin'
04.18.13 TRRO Ice-T: Real
04.18.13 TRRO Ice-T: Ice M.F. T
04.18.13 TRRO will.i.am: Fly Girl
04.18.13 TRRO will.i.am: Ev Rebahdee
04.18.13 MUNR 3 Melancholy Gypsies: Beautiful Mind
04.18.13 MUNR 4en6: Dream Chasers
04.26.13 TRRO J. Timberlake: Suit & Tie
04.26.13 TRRO Joe Budden: All in My Head
04.26.13 TRRO Joe Budden: Skeletons
04.26.13 MTNL 50 Cent: We Up
04.26.13 MTNL Raekwon: Renaissance Rap (Remix)
04.26.13 MTNL Raekwon: Give it to Me Right (Remix)
04.26.13 TRRO MC Ren: Monster
04.26.13 TRRO MC Ren: Bringin It
04.26.13 TRRO MC Ren: Radio
04.26.13 TRRO MC Ren: It's Nothing
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: In Da Ghetto
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: Don't Do It
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: America
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: Bang Wit Me
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: Deadly
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: No Get Bacc
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: Old Times
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: On My Dicc
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: John Doe
04.27.13 TRRO MC Ren: Bangin' in L.A.