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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   Bringin It
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[Intro: MC Ren]
Right about now, you're witnessing the sounds
Of MC motherfucking Ren, and motherfucking Bigg Rocc

[Verse One: MC Ren]
I be peeping you niggaz telling your bitch not to smile at the Villain
She wants this dick, I bust too quick
Tell you motherfuckers like Johnny Cochran you ain't shit
You was a studio and still don't fit
I've been looking at niggaz cheersing and grinning
On M.T.V, B.E.T, no more cheers
So I.. call my nigga Rocc; get the shit done
Fuck the police, we're blasting the sun
Make your bitch cum, these whores they all dumb
Wake up the next morning they blame it on the rum
But Villain gon' bring
Some ghetto-Ass shit, don't need a nigga to sing
Have your own mama gyrating on my Ding-a-ling
You know how I do it, she swallowed it
Rip right through it, so next time; you open your mouth
Make sure my motherfucking dick sway the fuck out

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc 2X]
I hear niggaz talking shit like bring it
Well I'ma bring it and you niggaz gon' sing it tonight
We gon' party, get high all night
Get drunk, fuck whores all through the night, HUH!

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
I hear niggaz talking shit like bring it
Well I'ma bring it and you niggaz gon' sing it
Then I'ma close your curtains, this is my show
Your prize is a .44 blast at your door
Criminal Minded, you've been blinded
West Coast, Compton, niggaz we stay grinded
We're hardheads, FEDs most wanted killers
They can't go to beds, trying to figure out niggaz
The blocks we run (UHH!) the guns we tote (HUH!)
The bomb-Ass bitches, the Chronic and Coke (HAA!)
Just a bunch of rich ghetto Negros
Check out the gators on my motherfucking toes
Keep a lot in pocket, throw gangster party
Don't invite the niggaz you hated, they'll overrated
UHH! I'ma keep a fucking bullet for the Wanksters
Now, I'ma keep it G for my motherfucking gangsters

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc 2X]

[Verse Three: Bigg Rocc]
It's a chosen world nigga don't get mad
Cause your bitch wanna hop her ass, in my the back of my 'llac
And take a ride down memory lane, of that Chronic and hypnotic
Body looking so exotic
I gotta wash it before I hit it
Sure rubbing on all that pussy, putting on the show like a classic whore
On the '91 headed West Bound to the Penthouse (YEAH!)
So I can beat that fat pussy down

[Verse Four: MC Ren]
One more time, we're about to rock this shit
Bigg Rocc and 'Ren hitting tailspins
What you think about that? - you bitch
When your baby mama sucking my dick
I'm too sick with it
Compton finest, bitches behind us, what the fuck you're saying?
We have your mama fraying
So bring it on, Fuck the microphone
Just give me like two zones, my black ass is gone (NIGGA!)

[Chorus: Bigg Rocc 4X]