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Artist: MC Ren
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape/The Maxi Single EP
Song:   Monster
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[Intro: MC Ren Talking]
I'm Ready....

[MC Ren]
Big villain, real nigga number one
Motherfuck guns, my voice bust they run
Child of the sun, Compton we run
When bitches get up and boogie, you niggaz grab one
Who the fuck trying to fuck with this?
Baritone throat, quick to pull your cope
Fuck the high nope, switcher, got a toke
I'm that new president nigga; give me your vote
Boy while you're looking for the fucking Saddam
Only making the niggaz shit, yelling that's a bomb
Ex-slave on the front of my grave (What?)
Niggaz got me floating into the fucking Rap Page
Compton, showed me how to do it
Peeped out these bitch niggaz run right through it
Nigga, Fuck working nine to fives
Busting this shit with half opened eyes
Motherfucking legend, if it ain't rough
I blast on you bitches, fucking leave in handcuffs
Ruthless Gangster definition, Villain
Niggaz in the Hood; they're stealing and Rock dealing
Pimps selling bitches' pussy, them niggaz chilling
We're young niggaz, clocking big figures
Who taught the motherfucking police?
That's the sound of the beasts


[MC Ren]
Poor black nigga quick to drink liquor
Get up in your ass cause my temper much quicker
Run away slave, niggaz can't fuck with this
Don't be known that I'm the fucking villainous
No ice on the wrist, just dick and black fist
These niggaz, out bursting and couldn't catch my piss
I'm like a fucking snake when I start to hiss
Pimp pimping shit, too cold for your bitch
Nigga tell that whore don't slam my door
We work too hard, what the fuck you think we're rapping for?
Fuck a Free Show, fuck a Freestyle
Fuck a bitch, fuck these groupie niggaz 'til three thousan'
Hood shit rider, platinum Mic clutcher
Talk that shit these niggaz gonna touch you
Then shoot them and rob them to teach these niggaz a lesson
Fucking haters, hold up the peace sign
Fuck your mama later (*Echoes*)