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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Chip Dirty
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   John Doe
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[Intro: MC Ren]
John motherfucking Doe, live for you, motherfuckers
We got John Doe in the house tonight
That motherfucker just came back from off tour
And he gon' tell all y'all punk bitches
A little something about yourselves, it's going to go something like this

[Verse One: MC Ren]
This shit is fucked up
Whores trying to have a nigga set up, bitch wear my drawers
You scandalous-Ass hookers I ain't fucking with yours
Fuck! the Po-Po's - we dip in Lo-Lo's
Meet the bud man in the Parking, light their Co-Co's
There go that homey, and fuck nine to fives
In the hood ain't no nine lives
Ain't no niggaz even fighting with knives
No dialogues, just cut you down to sizes
Have your mama screaming and puffing a joint
If she don't visit your grave, she visited the join
It's fucked up how we brought up
Put a nigga on the bottom and then you make him catch up
Niggaz out here ain't giving the fuck
Trying to live day to day, get their dicks sucked
It's the Villain, Chip and Rocc
You bitch ass gay niggaz need to stop

[MC Ren] Who bring the street shit nigga you know? 
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[MC Ren] Keep it Guerrilla my nigga, Fuck the Radio  
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe
[MC Ren] These niggaz out suffering, fuck the world, you know 
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[MC Ren] Niggaz ain't falling for your shit no more, this is..
[B Rocc] John Doe
[CDirty] Who?
[B Rocc] John Doe

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
Since twelve, I've been a young thug Juvi'
My life, is like an old black street movie
Big booties, drugs, alcohol, straps
The good die young, we got new quarter of bags with new sacks
Junkie-Ass Cops; crooked as the crack in the ground
But dope never found
So why in the fuck would you pull me over?
(Because you got blaze in that black Range Rover)
Roll in my four, hitting corners on switches
Mad cause I got a car load; full of bitches
My style is different, nigga pay attention
Two thousand and three John Doe is doing the lynching
Some niggaz blooding (HUH!) some niggaz criping
Some niggaz all about the green, some pimping
Some; hit you with a beam for no reason
365 West Coast killing season


[Verse 3: Chip Dirty]
(Niggaz) What you're claiming? (Niggaz) sound the same and
(Niggaz) Run the games and (Niggaz) entertaining
(Niggaz) Trying to save me cause they can't see me
Same niggaz ain't even what they're claiming to be
But too many super thugs, ain't ready for super slugs
My niggaz do super drugs, in the hood with super love
While you're playing too dirty; he is playing for keeps
Keeping the streets; ducking while I'm serving your heat
You rise to this beat, get out your seat 
(The Villain is coming) Compton's in sort of calm
Can't compete, you must've forget, we're the original, crimin-als
Bigg Rocc'll pull your files, John Doe got fucking styles
So, write it down, remember it, take a picture
I give the fuck, my niggaz is quick to get with you
We're splitting that He-Talk, We-Talk, C-Walk if we wanna
If you was a buster, bend the corner

[Chorus: MC Ren X3]