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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Chip Dirty
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape/The Maxi Single EP
Song:   America
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{*sample of civil defense panic alarm*}

[Intro: Bigg Rocc]
Attention all Units, be on a look out
John Doe, black male, sixteen and certified
He was last seen dipping through Compton
Then he was seen dipping through Watts
We've chased this motherfucker much heading to L.A.
Don't shoot at him, this motherfucker will shoot back

[Verse One: MC Ren]
I'm that nigga that you've been warned about
When Villain talking nigga shut your mouth
I spit it with the best of them
Motherfucker then shit it on the rest of them
Villain the great, I'ma throw a fucking twist nigga up in the game
John Doe; that's my motherfucking name
I'm still a nigga for life, I still die twise
Born black in America cropping the dice
Looking for a better way homey, fiending to make it
[Bigg Rocc:] That Benz look good nigga, dare you to take it 
They say generation X
But these little white horny-Ass bitches is fiending for sex
All my homies nigga smoking the bud
If we ain't asleep, we're smoking the bud
FEDs is trying to catch a nigga say something on the phone
So my black ass won't never come home

[MC Ren] Motherfuckers living good in America
[CDirty] Nigga, motherfuckers poor in America
[MC Ren] They say you can't smoke bud in the America
[B Rocc] We puff a big bud in the America
[MC Ren] They say everybody is free in the America
[CDirty] Fool, niggaz still slaves in the America
[MC Ren] Is it that fucked up in America?
[B Rocc] Ain't no love for the niggaz in America

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
We're hitting corners in the U.S.
Smoking bud, drive-bys with Gorilla thugs
Laying niggaz like wads, pull your plugs
Spot you like a light bulb, in front of you niggaz at the club
Show you how bitch they was
I pull my shit they scatter like bugs
Forgot who the fuck we was
John Doe nigga about to bubble like a tub
Niggaz better squash that grudge
Before you be laying on the side of your dubs
Have your homies crying; saying damn nigga what
Gotta them thinking they're the next nigga outta luck
Better keep your ass in the cut
When you beef with John Doe, your ass just stuck
Keep peace with John Doe and I won't bury you
In this motherfucking homicide America


[Verse Three: Chip Dirty]
I give the fuck, I can't duck my business
Get in this, leave no witness
Convected, when I spit this before I committed a crime
But spitted a rhyme, spit it or not
They be trying to give a nigga sometime, not 211
Can't picture Chip Dirty straight dropping a dime
While they're fucking with mines
Trying to cut the nigga a deal
Bitch! I won't snitch for real so you can keep your bills
Just where my cell at?
Homey I locked down and blocked down from the homies
When I touched down, get a creep down with the top down with the homies
All I wanna is a rag top Caddi' paint
With switches - Oh! Yeah on some Gold Ds
Go sounds for the bitches, so I can floss on
Three wheel motions, hit switches
Give us all way thing to bang and hit snitches
Nigga virgin American dream is what I'm selling you
Shit, we duz what we want in America