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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, Mr. Biggs
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   Don't Do It
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[Intro/Chorus: Mr. Biggs]
Well, well, well, well, well
Don't go to bed with no strike on your head
Umm no, no, don't do it, don't do it (HUH!)
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
Umm yeah, don't do it, well, well, well, well, well

[Verse One: Bigg Rocc]
It's the quicker picker upper
Bigg Rocca bucked you; punk motherfuckers
Ain't no others can deal with my brothers
Niggaz duck for cover
John Doe killers make the whole world suffer
A crime is committed, a snitch had large
Niggaz trying to get me locked up for the charge
FEDs tapped my phone, surrounded the nigga home
Follow me everywhere, I'm never alone (HUH!)
Like the paparazzi, niggaz wanna top me
I'ma win like Rockie, you motherfuckers watch me
Only God can stop me, we're deep like Knoxies (Killer)
Cock my shit cause I'm a Compton niggaz cocky (HUH!)
Stroll on the streets, fuck getting cuffed up
Sitting in a hall, waiting to die old
Fool I'm too bold, holding my balls
If I died that's my motherfucking final call, nigga

[Chorus: Mr. Biggs]

[Verse Two: MC Ren]
Who the nigga saying Fuck the Police?
Young nigga with the Khakis creased
Run around Compton with my niggaz like Cold Cheese
Throwing rocks at them black and whites
Fucking them chickenheads, house party nights
Motherfuck that shit getting turned out by search lights
Motherfuckers don't think we'll blast
Better tell these motherfuckers that the streets made us grow fast
The teenage nigga selling them rocks
Cluckheads bringing niggaz new shit in a box 
Six in the morning, heard eight knocks (*Door Knocked*)
Then my black ass ran about eight blocks
Looking for freedom, but my ass trapped in
Nigga fuck the Pen', they're trying to hold Ren
Nigga look at all bullshit I got my ass in, it's enough
To have my black ass nigga cussing in them handcuffs

[Chorus: Mr. Biggs 3X]