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Artist: 4en6 f/ K-Young
Album:  Dream Chasers (S)
Song:   Dream Chasers
Typed by: @4en6

Intro: 4en6
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream… 
Hook: K-Young
I'm living my dreams and you can't stop me
Money in the bank, niggaz calling me cocky
My VVS blingin', my shit so rocky
Windows tinted, Vegas strip like Pac be
And I'm yelling fuck you, (fuck you haters)
Fuck you haters
Fuck you (fuck you)
Fuck you haters
Verse: 4en6
4en6, I rep that West Coast
Where the palm trees might be the only ones we don't smoke
My flow is known to bring in dope by the boatloads
But I'll waste this line right here to thank my haters for the promo
This Ancient Flyers, you'll learn to respect me
I'm immune to the bullshit, it just doesn't affect me
And now I'm in my dream world, you should have tried to catch me
‘Cause service is funny out here and you can't text me
Assess me, my work ethic is off the hinges
I'm a walking inferno from distance I leave them with singes
It seems I have an interest in bugs, so there's no wonder why
Had some relations with a couple maggots, now I'm fucking fly
Deeply immersed in my art, hope I come up alive
There's something I've realized, time travels not an option
So I guess for now I have to let it go like an auction
And I advise you proceed with caution
Verse: 4en6
Real shit, I think I have a complex
I have to sink the soul of Van Gogh into every project
I so hope you don't take that out of context
But I accept at times I'm hard to catch, like the Loch Ness
My process, is progress
My flow can't be offset, I'll be damned
Fuck your feelings hater, you must not understand
I'm a keep winning ‘til I come up with another plan
But on the other hand, it might just be I'm bad at losing
Things aren't what they seem, aren't you glad my dreams weren't illusions
I focus on improving and make sure I work the hardest
It's why my words are woven like the canvas of your favorite artist
Taking shots, but success is my favorite target
And through the darkness, my vision never seemed better
So now my number one rule is take extreme measures
I'll just make it my dream catcher