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Artist: MC Ren f/ Bigg Rocc, John Doe
Album:  Renincarnated Mixtape
Song:   Old Times
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[Intro: MC Ren Talking]
Oooh baby, yeah
Ooooh baby, it's going down
Oooooh baby, puff your blunts
Fuck your bitch, drink your drink
I'm ready (Oooooh baby, oooooh baby, oooooh baby)

[Verse One: MC Ren]
We were some young niggaz; seeing the ballers do it
I said: Fuck that! - it's time for 'Ren to do it
So me and my nigga Chip Dirty
Stayed out for every night 'til like 2:30
Serving clocks, motherfucking young niggaz
Rolling them trucks with laces
Bitches with the fine-Ass faces
I said I gotta be down
A teenage black motherfucker from the Comp-town
Got thirty bucks and I doubled it up
See them cluckheads; I'm yelling what the fuck up?
We got plenty chips, get his bitch a fucking twenty
We're getting rich better tell this bitch
We fucked the police
Pioneers hustling, pay bang crease
Peace to my nigga Train, Rest In Peace
You nigga outdoing it big, wish you was here
Puffing on this blunt nigga, sipping some Beer
It's still Compton nigga
You was my dogg; we went to school together
Then we're two and forever
This little young niggaz don't know, this shit is personal
Loosing nigga that you know, you're about to go through it
The shit I have to you gone, the pray to your God
I have your ass in the corner cursing your Gat
Keep your head up, homey just remember the Villain
Smoke weed, get your money nigga, fuck and be chilling

Old times, there was no better day
Just keeping it real
Old times, there was no better way
That's just how I feel

[Verse Two: Bigg Rocc]
You know how we do it, never gangsters around here
Been banging that Compton shit for twenty years (HUH!)
I had niggaz died, some were twenty five
Some smoked out in the hood trying to survive;
In the ghetto, cause shit be hard for the overage (Yeah)
Niggaz gotta have a job and a sack to have it
Taking a chance, cause you only live once
So you make what you can; you suppose to be a man and run shit
Shut niggaz down when they turn bitch, or turn snitch
Bury motherfuckers quick, this is the life I live
The ride a nigga chose
Begotten me for my sin in this world so cold
So step the fuck back while I lace this fat track
I'm origin-AL like the DJ Scratch
I blast the weak up off the Bout (HUH!)
Bigg Rocc, John Doe, nigga like that


[Verse Three: John Doe]
Lodi dodi, we like to party
We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody
It's, just John Doe up on the Mic
And when we rock up on the Mic too late it's a gun fight
Now you can call it a knight
But we continue, to find something else to get into
Like some pussy or in fact (HUH!) a bum rush
What we call a rat pack
Gangster Gangster; that's what we're yelling
How we made it through Compton no telling
Sold crack out my house, yeah pops was on it (UHHA!)
Rest In Peace to my moms, kept the nigga up on it
She know what I was doing, still had my back
She even lied on a stand to keep a nigga in jack
You point a finger at me, you need to check yourself (UHHA!)
We had nothing in the fridge, fool I had to live

[Chorus] - 3X